Thursday, February 27, 2014

My chatter :)

Odd day in blog land for me yesterday! I was actually confused by the fact my last few posts got a lot of traffic and spurred comments and emails! To me, I was just putting my fractured thoughts out there, ruminating, wondering. 

But, I really appreciated a few who reached out and said I was doing good work- making attempts to move on from this obsessive part of maintenance and find some balance. I'm not there yet, I'm just exploring, reaching out to new places I haven't reached out before.

In the end, I will eat how I've always eaten, but the goal is to find peace in it :)

In other news: I volunteered to make a cake for my friend's birthday yesterday (I love baking but never do it anymore- obviously because there is no baking really with how I eat!). I definitely had some, too, but I left room in my day for it.

121.8 today, which I am very pleased with :) 

I got a little more serious this week about all the extra bites and snacking I was doing in the evening. Continuing walks with the dog, daily yoga stretching and strength training several times a week (just home body-weight strength training, but it works!).

So, it goes on: a quest for healthy balance in mind, body, spirit.

Off to start the day once the coffee is gone ;)

Namaste <3


  1. I think you will find this amusing - I have often said that if we all had to do 20 push-ups every time we glanced in the kitchen (refrigerator mostly) and it wasn't meal time, we would stop thinking about snacking very quickly.

    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Jeanette

    However, and whatever we do to find what suits us the journey is always an interesting one AND I think it good that we all share and exchange our views and ideas. You are right your last few posts have bought forward some great comments to read through and digest. That is the beauty of blogging.

    I love your "healthy balance in mind, body, spirit." we all strive for this and some days it's easier than others but that is what is so good about this life of ours.

    Thanks for blogging I enjoy reading

    Take Care and enjoy your coffee !

    All the best Jan

  3. You sound a little better today - don't worry if you do have to watch what you eat and think about it, many, many people who lose weight have to monitor it for life. Marion (affection for fitness) left me a comment saying that she journals, counts calories, measures foods and attends a weekly meeting still. So you see, everyone finds a way that works. I know you are concerns are a little different - I hope it all works out well for you.