Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Success in the mornings

I am having a difficult time adapting to early wake ups where I HAVE to get moving. I am so used to the slow, meandering wake up, having a slow cup of coffee, doing a little yoga at my leisure, eating a home cooked breakfast and THEN getting to the tasks of the day whenever I am finished with that routine.

I still WANT my coffee, my home cooked breakfast, and my yoga in the mornings!! It's hard to kind of rush it all to happen earlier in the morning.

Also, the dog isn't getting his walk in the morning right now. When it is time to go to work, I just cannot muster the courage to head out into the freezing temperatures and the dim light and walk him and THEN get ready for the day. Also - dog walk in the morning would mean waking up an extra hour early, which is not something my brain can handle right now. Maybe as the temps rise and the sun starts shining earlier, I will be more inclined to wake up an hour early.

For right now, monsterdog is getting his walks mid-day :)

I rushed about this morning. I did get my yoga in, and tried not to hurry it so I got the full benefits of the stretching, but I didn't have time to sit and eat breakfast...

So I took it with me!!

Pre-roasted sweet potatoes, raw tomatoes, eggs and spinach - little container of ketchup and my coffee and I am at work!

I am still at 124 today. Can't seem to shake the extra weight. I've been eating paleo and really clean this week. Also been working out a LOT, which is making me extra hungry, so some extra snacks find their way into the day. Oh well, I would rather have strong muscles, so I am going to keep doing what I am doing... will just try and keep an eye on the extra snacking, make sure I am not going overboard!

Hope you all had success this morning, too - it is TOUGH, especially in a cold weather environment. I love winter for soooooo many things (cozy fires, pretty landscapes, skiing, snowshoeing, etc) but this is a bitterly cold one. I am ready for spring :)

Namaste <3


  1. Awww, welcome to the world of having to work outside the home, based on someone else's schedule. Sucks, huh? Believe me, I wouldn't be up at 5:30 am and out the door by 7 am if I didn't have to be. It just is what it is. Your body may be holding onto some ounces/fluid due to the change in schedule. Give it a chance to work itself out...and 124 isn't a bad number to be, anyhow. ;)

  2. I eat my breakfast at work every morning, no shame in that! :)

  3. Me personally, I up my lean protein and healthy fat a little and reduce my carbs a little when I am going thru a hungry phase, it seems to hold me better.

  4. Yes, I would enjoy a slow start to morning rather then getting up early and rushing for work. I'm still trying to get my act together, especially with breakfast and lunches. My stomach is very sensitive so I need to be careful what I eat while away from the house (I'll stop there before it get's TMI). I like your breakfast, it looks very filling. BTW, congratulations on the new job. Very cool.

  5. Slow starts are brilliant .... but in the 'real world' do not happen that much. Guess it's a case of adapting your schedule to fit everything in. Never easy but sometimes a necessity.

    It's early days yet but I'm sure you will work it out.

    All the best Jan

  6. Muscles are better than "skinny fat" any day! I'm also ready for spring.

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