Thursday, February 13, 2014

Walking in the storm, Clean eating VS. Paleo

Still at 124 today. I went to a hiking meet-up at a local brewery yesterday... I am on a forum for High Peak hiking and people get together every few months to chat, talk about hikes, plan future hikes, etc. I've gone to a couple so far and LOVE it - get to meet so many interesting people and talk about all the things I love with like-minded people.

I had beer, though - a cherry/raspberry ale - because I get such social anxiety, I wanted to relax a little. No regrets - it did the job (I was very chatty!) and was super delicious. :D I love beer. Love, love, love. I'm proud of myself that I stopped drinking it for the most part. I used to drink every other day or so! Now it's limited to once every couple weeks. Sometimes longer, depending! But, oh it is my vice. A vice I limit, but my vice, nonetheless. I am an imperfect healthy living blogger, do forgive me :)

What was great - I talked about hiking food with a lady and she was on my bandwagon of eating no gluten or processed food while eating!!! She said how much it has changed her hiking to maintain a stable blood sugar throughout the whole hike. She brings sweet potatoes and chicken on hikes (just like we do!) and it was just really nice to talk sensible food ideas with someone :)

Another stormy winter day here for us. But life must go on! Chris called in to work so he didn't have to risk the roads, so we took Koda for a family walk. We all still need our exercise, even if "snowpocalypse" is happening (It's not that big of a deal, really, haha, it snows in the Northeast, no surprise there!). It was fun and Koda had a blast busting moves in the powder:

We're all set with our food for the day, so we can make delicious, nutritious food while "stormed in"... I will probably do some yoga or strength training later.

I've been thinking about how I view and talk about food on this blog. I, obviously, eat paleo most of the time (with the exception of occasional alcohol and rare eating out). But, MOST IMPORTANT, and what I want to get across to people who read this, is clean eating. Clean, clean, clean.

The difference?

Clean eating:

Clean eating means eating foods in their most natural form possible.


Paleo means eating clean AND giving up certain inflammatory food groups (dairy, grains, legumes) for overall health.

I am a HUGE proponent of clean eating, even though I eat clean AND paleo, but I am aware that paleo is a tough lifestyle and most people are unwilling or struggle too much to eat paleo (though in my opinion, eliminating grains is the best thing you can do for yourself after you clean up your diet!).

But the realism of it is apparent to me. I will not sway most people over to paleo eating. So I push clean eating. It's important for overall health, fitness and weight maintenance. It is so, so, so much harder to maintain a strong, healthy body if chemicals and processed foods are being eaten - too much of the body's energy has to go towards struggling to clean that crap out (leading to overall inflammation and bloating and fatigue).

Where clean eating and paleo overlap contains the most important things I live by in my eating habits:

- eat whole foods

- eat organic, no antibiotic, no preservatives

- eat grass fed and local meats

- eat foods in their most natural form

- focus on vegetables and fruits with healthy doses of good fats (olive oil, avocados, coconut, etc) and lean protein

Those simple, simple rules are the most important. It's why when I stray a little from the paleo lifestyle, I still try to stick to the overlap with clean eating. It keeps me on track and healthy.

Okay - I'm off! Hope those in the Northeast are staying warm!! We are going to have a fire and play games by it tonight while we watch the snow fall.

Namaste <3


  1. I love your comparison of Clean Eating to Paleo. I'm doing the clean eating gig right now, and hope to maintain that for a very long while, but perhaps at some point I'll do a Paleo Challenge and see if I feel a difference or feel too restricted. I'll try just about anything once though..hahaha!!

    I found a love for beer too a few years ago when I moved here to East TN and tried out some microbrews...sadly, what I love is the dark, rich chocolatey porters and hard ciders. But I only have one maybe every 6 weeks or so? My hubs came home with a 6 pack of random ones (which I was so surprised because he never buys beer. I will every now and then, but he usually only buys it at restaurants/pubs)...and he had a "Tap Room No. 21 Amber Ale" (it had honey added), and I did take one small sip. It was very tasty. I think I could get myself in trouble if I had access to "good" beer all the time...ha!

    We got 5" of snow here and it hasn't gotten that deep here (in the valley) since 1996 it's been a fun day of sledding/snow shoveling. But the temps are going to get up to 40, so it'll be gone as quickly as it came. You guys stay warm and have fun by the fire!!

  2. See, I cannot (in good conscience) promote/push 'Clean Eating"...because of the grains factor. I'm bigger against grains than I am against sugar. Grains are toxic. I can't make people stop eating them, but I won't cave on my personal principles regarding it. People will make their own choices. I suppose "clean eating" is better than SAD, but not by a whole lot, in my mind. The only difference is the chemicals and sugar. But to me grains is part of the unholy trium-however you spell it. LOL

    I'm too OCD. I know. I own that evil. ;)

  3. I would way rather read an "imperfect"healthy living blogger than people who condemn others and claim to be perfect! I will never eat paleo..I've run marathons fueled by grains...but I am not close minded and can learn something from everyone. Plus you are a woman who hikes and that pretty much rocks.

  4. I'd like to think I'm a clean eating primal eater :) I try to eat as cleanly as I can - free range eggs, grass fed meat, free range chicken etc. I eat foods in their natural form but there is a tiny element in my diet that is not clean but that is OK with me. The reason I don't like the term "low carb" is that so many low carbers eat low carb junk! It's been hard pinning down my eating style so "wheat free, low-carb, primal" is what I use. Also, isn't it great when you get to chat to like minded people?

  5. I have no food allergies so it's simply will power that has to keep me away from high carbs and sugar - it's tough. I do pretty well eating paleo but I have little vice that I can't eliminate no matter how hard I try. I have a stash of Kellogg Honey Smacks that I pull out every once in a while when I'm really craving "junk". It gives me the sugar, carb, crunch that I still have to have about once a week...other than that, I'm good :)

    I like the paleo food pyramid, I think I'll print it out and hang it on the frig.

    Looks like you all had a fun family walk :)

  6. When I started to lose weight I eliminated pre-packages meals, then stumbled onto Tosca Reno and Clean Eating and that made sense to me and felt good and I saved money not buying processed stuff. Then did a Whole30 challenge and felt even better. I'm not 100% hardcore, but I know this is what works for me. When I do stray off course, it's never very far at all.

    Enjoy the snow! All winter I've been shoveling the snow onto the front yard and now it's well over 5 feet high.

  7. Well I live the lifestyle that for me is low carb, high fat, moderate protein with exercise and a good sleep pattern; It works well for me. The food I choose to eat is real food not processed.

    But as ever, what we choose to do has to be our choice - but it's great to read about how other bloggers live their life - it helps us make our informed choices.


    You sure are getting lots and lots of snow

    Keep warm, keep fit, keep well

    All the best Jan