Monday, February 3, 2014

What I Did for the Super Bowl

Ahhhh... Superbowl time!! My truly least favorite time of the year (holiday wise)!

I hate watching professional sports (I enjoy watching the Olympics every 2 years- watching truly amazing athletes at their peak!). But, in general, I have a very unpopular opinion of football (family, friends, online, etc- everyone loves it!). To me, it is a boring waste of time ... Imagine if everyone played football the same amount of time they watched it! Also, most of my friends use the game watching as extra excuses to drink beer and eat crap. 

The Superbowl is the climax of these bad behaviors that seem to epitomize American behavior: couch sitting, TV watching, overeating, celebrity idolizing, etc. I know humans throughout time have loved watching games and talking about the athletes (Roman gladiators, Mesoamerican ballgame, etc) but I think our culture takes the obsession to a frenzied, unhealthy level.

Needless to say, I didn't watch the game, haha. I didn't go to my friend's party (though I had to listen to a conversation about the absurd junk food that would be there). 

What did I do? Lived my normal day. Recovered from my long hike (calves were insanely sore still!). Grocery shopped and prepped for the week - we got some amazing produce and our kitchen is overflowing with colorful food :)

I've been OVERhungry after these winter hikes- 8+ hours of constant movement in freezing temperatures seems to trick my body into thinking it is in survival mode. I definitely overate after the hike and had extra snacks yesterday, putting me at the high end of my range: 123. I feel much more normalized today, going to be eating my usual meals and snacks.

Off to start the day- get to school and get some things done before returning home to walk the dog :)

Namaste!! (And please don't be offended if you like football, to each their own! I have my own vices, football watching is just one that I simply do not understand and wish didn't exist, hahaha. Yet I am but one woman whose opinion on that doesn't matter!)


  1. Wow, lighten up about the game/football, Frances! Pretty harsh commentary. (just my opinion.)

  2. It's an unpopular opinion, for sure! Just how I feel, is all. But since I have no effect on whether football happens or not, my opinion can't hurt!

  3. I agree with you about football actually. I went skiing. And I think re exercising 8 hours, your body needs to replace calories in order to repair itself and recover. So don't worry, it is just a normal fluctuation. most people's weight does fluctuate 1-2 lbs daily, sometimes even more. I doubt you gained permanently. It might even be the extra water you drank hiking.

  4. I feel the same about Football. Just don't get the "hype" and the love of it. And I AGREE about the celebrity idolizing. Imagine if we actually paid the people who made a difference, nurses, teachers, doctors, etc. the way we paid celebrities? It's crazy to me.

  5. I agree with your analysis. I use to enjoy going to super bowl parties to hang with friends and eat, eat, eat!! I'm not a big sports fan of anything though...nothing really. If I have to go to a game, I like college basket ball for it's fast pace. Football is sooooo slow that the only fun thing to do is eat...ha! The players are payed way to much for something that's suppose to be a "game". But that's true in other sports too.

    I spent my evening eating sushi with friends, and then watching old Friends episodes...ha!

  6. Now that the country is becoming more aware of the terrible, long term damage being done to football players, intellectually, really should switch to soccer. They won't because of all the money tied into the sport, but if they looked, really SHOULD.

    I remember sitting at the pool, probably ten years ago, with a mom who was thrilled all her boys were big time high school and college football players. I did NOT go on and out about it, I simply asked (as she was going on and on) if the long term effects didn't worry her. She looked at me as if I was nuts. And someone else shushed me. But every time I hear a news story about it, I wonder what she thinks now. . .

  7. Well some are so so so into sport but you do whatever suits you. Over here in the UK it's football for most but I prefer tennis and we beat the US in the Davis Cup to get through to the quarter finals but as for the cricket well the womens team did well but the men NO..... Oh Well.

    I'm off to prepare some good low carb high fat food along with some nice pork steak !

    Keep well and keep fit

    All the best Jan

  8. I agree about football, don't like watching it! As a firefighter, I agree with Shannon on the pay issue also!

  9. I'm in New Zealand and we have different sports... Rugby is the big one here but I don't follow it except for the top international games. I don't understand American football at all and I don't think I'd be a follower if I did live over there. Each to their own though - I think the spectacle of the SuperBowl looks great though :)

  10. I'm not a big fan either. I don't feel as passionately as you as being anti football but I'm so apathetic that most people think I must absolutely hate it. It just doesn't mean anything to me.