Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Weight Gain

I am a terrible offender of the weekend weight gain. It happens again and again.

It's why Chris and I try very hard to go hiking or something like that on weekends, because then we focus on activities and just eat like normal.

But this summer is a VERY social one: lots of weddings which require me to be away for the whole weekend, bridal showers for me or other people, bachelorette parties for me or other people, music festivals, etc.

And I don't want to be a hermit. I want to go to these things. I want to laugh with my friends. I want to make memories. I want to participate in this life.

The weekends we go hiking are special to me, too (Chris is obviously the person I like spending time with the BEST), but if we only did that every weekend, I think we would find it difficult to maintain friendships and such.

So, we do these social things.

And I try VERY hard to eat right.

But something, I get drunk... and drunk-me just plain old doesn't care about eating paleo.

Many of these events, I try not to drink at all or, if I do drink, I try not to drink too much. But this weekend was a little stressful (if you read a few posts down, I had to spend it with a rather negative person) AND the wedding was actually incredible. Tons of our friends there, everyone having a great time, and the liquor was flowing. I partook. A lot.

Saturday was a gluttonous bust. Way more food than I could have ever needed and at least 7 vodka drinks - at least.

Sunday, traveling home, I did well. I stayed paleo, made great decisions, but I did a lot of damage on Saturday.

123.4 - up 2.4 pounds. My lowest adult weight gone in the blink of an eye! But I have to own it. I made those decisions.

Now comes another week of super clean, super paleo, super moderate eating. Because Saturday? My friends are throwing a bachelorette party for me that starts early in the afternoon and they won't tell me ANYTHING of what's happening - except one friend of mine who eats paleo says I probably won't be eating paleo on Saturday.

But it's a once in a lifetime thing. And my female friends are doing a LOT for me and making it really special, I know. So I am going to just relax and enjoy myself on Saturday (but try not to gain 2.4 pounds like I did this past Saturday).

It takes all week to undo the damage from a weekend like that. And I really, really want to be at goal at my wedding. It means so much to me.

One month left.


Off to walk the dog!!



  1. But what about being with that rude chick?! How'd that go?

    Well, I certainly understand you throwing caution to the wind for your own bachelorette party!

    However, I'm gonna be the mean mama and say no to the rest. Because there are always going to be weddings, showers, events of one kind or another. Restaurant meals. Getting together with friends. You can't overeat at all of them, overdrink at all of them, and expect to stay solidly paleo/primal or at a healthy weight. At some point, you have to accept that. Sure you'll lose the 2.4 lbs., but this is an area you do need to work on.

    Hey, I'm not perfect. I have my own issues. It's good you are owning it, per se, but if you plan to keep making those choices every time there is an event or a social gathering (this coming Saturday and your wedding day excepted), you will get into a spinning your wheels, going no where place. And you don't want to be there, having to spend a whole week losing weight you gained on one day or two. I know you know that.

    Tough love and all. ;)

    1. I definitely agree with you! I usually succeed at moderation during social events (and therefore don't gain 2-3 pounds) but things have been ramping up this summer, with other weddings and ours - what a struggle it has been to make all the right choices! Some events I just don't try as hard, gah. But I do know better :) This coming weekend will be the last non-paleo one before the wedding!

  2. Weekend social stuff is difficult. Figuring out which times are "worth it" and which times are not. Enjoy your bachelorette fun. Hope your week is great!!

  3. I bet that extra 2 lbs will fall right off in a day or 2 of clean eating! I have one drink and I balloon up 5+ pounds ha! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Enjoy your day this weekend and don't stress! It only happens once!

  5. Ahh the weekends--why do they do this to us?! Since I started staying at home every day is like a work day for me and it's actually helped--except when we have parties and weddings and what not!

    Good luck this week staying on track :) lets us know how it goes!

    Oh and I'm with Gwen! What about the rude chick? You're too good for that nonsense!

  6. Oh weekends are hefers, aren't they? I find that when I am out of routine then it seems easier to slip up. Social gatherings have always been the hardest times for me to eat healthy because 1) you want to just relax and enjoy that time with friends and fam without worrying about what to eat 2)there aren't healthy options lots of times.
    But you'll be back on that horse and seeing that lowest weight in no time I'm sure.

  7. I am lousy on weekend weight gain. It is no fun to have to re-lose the weight gained on the weekend. This is something I am trying to work on, but still a big struggle.

    My weight has kept me from making friends (since moving to Seattle 17 years ago) or doing much of life at all. I'm glad you are out enjoying your life and being social. You eat well most of the time and know how to maintain your healthy body. I'm not worried about you.

    Have a great week.

  8. Weekends are SO hard ... I call them "wicked weekends" and I actually LOVE Monday mornings and getting back to routine.

  9. 7 vodka drinks is a lot. In combo with the off plan foods. Are you drinking more as a transfer of food to drink ?my transfer is black coffee, usually okay, but it is not triggering).

    Are you drinking so you can eat off plan foods?

    Glad you are aware and thinking of things. I know you are young. I could eat a lot of off plan foods post WW , but it lead to a steep slippery slope for me after awhile

    Hang in there and keep your eyes wide open.