Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Drinking my dinner, thinking about maintenance

I drank my dinner last night, and not in a really good-healthy-fruit-smoothie kind of way.

Two friends (who don't know each other) had birthdays yesterday and just wanted to have small get-togethers to celebrate. There would be one outing at a local pub around 5 and then a gathering at a friend's house at 8:30. I tried to pre-plan, deciding I'd have a glass of wine at the pub and a second glass at my friend's house. I also pre-planned by eating a little lighter during the day.

Everything went according to plan, until I started having a REALLY nice time at the pub, and ended up drinking a second beer (and eating a little bit of my friend's pizza!). I finally tore myself away from the first birthday get-together (it was really, really nice and I was smiling and laughing a lot) and got myself to the second destination. I had a slight buzz on and ended up drinking two more glasses of wine.

I forced myself to fill up my wine glass with water for the rest of the night, though!

So I didn't have a REAL dinner (unless you count coming home at 11:30 and eating a few spoonfuls of leftovers and a piece of bacon). All my nighttime calories came from alcohol >.<

Not the best decision for my body and my health...


I am really glad that I don't behave like this regularly anymore. I actually cannot recall the last time I just threw caution to the wind and had an irresponsible night. It's been a long streak of clean eating and moderation. One night won't derail all my progress -

In fact, I am back down into the 122s this morning! (122.6)

I woke up late since I stayed up really late last night - I couldn't get to sleep for a couple of hours after I got home because I was so excited and happy and UP. But got right back on track - took the dog for his walk (and MY walk, too, really), ate eggs with ground turkey and veggies, and about to start doing a little cleaning once I'm done with this post.

But last night made me think about maintenance. I am TECHNICALLY in maintenance, because I really want to stay at this general weight range (but would like to be at the bottom of the range of 119-123 at my wedding). Being three pounds from where I want to be in September makes me feel like it's not so different from maintenance.

And, for me, maintenance means having a night like last night once in a while. Where I indulged (four drinks and some bites of pizza) but made room for that in my day. And days like that will be surrounded by status-quo type of days - clean eating, paleo, exercise, etc.

I'm not a super hardcore, rigid rule follower. I just follow the rules WAY more often than I don't!

Like the title of my blog says, I want this to be for life - for the long haul and to make this life totally awesome. I want my health. I want my rocking body. I also want to sit around, carefree, laughing and enjoying some physical pleasures with friends :) Maintenance is learning the balance of those things. Learning how to protect my body and my health while taking care of my spirit!

Namaste, friends - sorry for the ramble, I am a little off today since I slept in really late, haha :)


  1. I have the same feelings toward maintenance....that you can have a day of fun eating/drinking every now and then as long as it's not the norm, and not too often. Since I am also a social eater/drinker, I want to look forward to enjoying those days every once in a while when I get to my goal weight (and I'm sure some even before then...)

    Glad you had such a good time with friends, and that you are back to your "normal" healthy self this morning :)

  2. I have tried that, and frankly, it doesn't usually work for me. BUT, I think it was because those rare occasions became more frequent, and then before I knew it, were more the norm than the exception. I, at least, will have to be VERY careful about that, going forward. But each person reacts differently. I just wanted to throw out my own experiences into the atmosphere as a cautionary tale. :)

    glad you had such fun!

    1. I think I put this all out there on the blog BECAUSE I want to hear things like you just said -- I know that it is ALL too easy to let indulgences come too frequently and get out of control, and before I know it, I'm gaining weight AGAIN. I like having this blog to keep me accountable and try to not let it get out of control!

  3. It was a fun evening with friends that doesn't happen every single night, 24/7. Did you wake up hung over? Did you go to bed with that gross feeling in your stomach because you ate way too much junk? Are you going out again tonight and repeating the same behavior for the next 5 days? That's the difference. You are in control, J - you just don't know it yet. :-)

  4. Moderation. You're doing it beautifully. :)

  5. Balance - oooh, what a beautiful and powerful word that is.
    D'ya know, I think you've summed up healthy maintenance.
    I love that you've included your spirit as a 'must', spending fun times laughing and chatting with friends and letting go of rigid rules just a little every now and again, in addition to keeping an eye on health and body. Our 'self' is so important too.
    Bless you for a lovely reminder, and keep on and at 'em!

  6. I drank waaaaaaay too much on Sunday and it was definitely a deterrent not to be doing that again anytime soon. I just hate the feeling of not being in total control. And I lost that over the weekend. I think you have a very healthy plan for what works for you. And I really like Kelly's comment. Very well said!