Saturday, July 27, 2013


Just a quick share as I get ready for my little road trip to my friend's wedding this weekend:

Weighed in at 121.0 this morning

/does a little dance/

All this super clean, paleo, moderate eating with no alcohol? Paying off.

Lowest adult weight - ever. Ever. I must have been a pre-teen when I weighed that (and a chubby one at that - I was pretty short).

I am LOVING my body. I feel little but strong. All my muscles I've done so many push ups and squats and hiking and crunches, etc for? I can see them!!!

Also, I realized that if I get down to 119, I will have lost exactly 40% of my body weight from my highest weight (198). That kind of delights me. Two more pounds to go!

I imagine I will weigh a little more after this weekend, but seeing such a low weight gives me LOTS of motivation to behave myself at the wedding. I will have a few drinks, but stay as paleo as possible with the meal and appetizers. And I will only eat the cake if it's a flavor I looooove (meaning if it is chocolate cake - NOPE. I am a weirdo who loves chocolate but hates chocolate cake!).

Will let you know how everything goes with my "friend" on this little trip and how my eating went when I get back :)

Namaste <3


  1. I love chocolate and I love chocolate cake, but I am picky about it and will usually opt for vanilla cake if I am out of my house. I hate chocolate doughnuts.

    Congrats on the weight,you are doing so well. 40% gone (you'll be there soon) is incredible. Enjoy all the benefits your healthy, beautiful, powerful body has to offer.

  2. I FINALLY FOUND YOUR BLOG!! YAY!!! Wow, I have a lot of reading to do to get caught up. Congrats on the success so far and have fun at the wedding!!

  3. Good luck, and have fun! Congrats on more weight loss! :)