Saturday, June 29, 2013


One major factor in my weight loss and fitness pursuits is making sure LIFE is generally taken care of - taking care of business, as they say.

If life is crazy and messy and scattered and confusion, if the house is dirty and the laundry is piling up, if there are papers to file or banking to be done, etc, etc, etc... it is so hard to focus on health.

So today has been about Taking Care of Business!

Friday night, when I got back from my hair trial (ooooh, it went well! the lady is so nice and friendly and talented and we are doing my hair in a side swept updo with pin curls and some softness... pretty, pretty!), I cleaned the house so that we wouldn't have to worry about doing any cleaning this weekend and could focus on other tasks -

Today, Chris and I set up out joint bank account, we went grocery shopping, mailed out some documents at the post office, took the dog on a walk, went to the hardware store and fixed some washing machine issues (and drooled over the new washing machines and driers - so LOVELY), and Chris is now down in the kitchen brewing up his latest batch of beer (he is still a beer drinker even if I'm not!). 

So I am taking a breather and blogging, because we've been going for about 6 hours straight, starting at 7 AM!

It just feels so.... nice to have life all sorted out, nothing hanging over our heads, and we don't have to feel stressed.

Stress is such a big cause of emotional eating for us. Clutter and craziness makes it hard to focus on what's important.

So get focused out there, folks - it's very worth it!

I will leave you with a picture of a lovely flower in the bouquet Chris brought home for me last night :)



  1. So true. It's difficult to stay ahead of the clutter with 3 kids, but I do my best. Generally when my home is a disaster area it's a direct reflection of what's going on internally.

  2. Stunning flower! Good job, Chris!

    I totally agree re clutter and stress. I need to get this home office desk organized, and list about 20 items on ebay....but it's summer! I want to be enjoying it! :)

  3. I never feel more at ease than when the house is picked up/wiped down (with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a giant landscaper living in it, that is easier said than done) and my to-do list has a bunch of lines through it. I watch a lot of "Hoarders" and "Hoarding: Buried Alive," and it is not lost on me that the majority of people featured living in abject squalor, clutter, and under piles of compulsively purchased goods and literal garbage are also significantly overweight or obese. Everything is mental.