Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hula Hooping

Walking home from a friend's house on Friday night, I found a golden hula hoop!!

This is me, delighting in my find (and a little tipsy and overly excited!):

This is me the next day, using my new hoop:

I challenged myself to hula hoop for fifteen minutes straight without stopping. I'm pretty good at keeping the hoop going, I don't drop it. But, wow, after fifteen minutes, my core was BURNING and I could barely keep the hoop hooping! Great workout that I am going to make a more consistent part of my exercise regime! Super fun :)

I don't often do a lot of core work, aside from the balance postures with yoga or doing plank. This is a good addition.

Just wanted to share the nice times!

Heading to bed, waking up early-ish to take the dog to a local swimming hole with a waterfall... he loves swimming and so do I :D

Good night!


  1. awesome! I bought some for the superhero party for a game and I keep meaning to try but I don't. Maybe I will succeed tomorrow :)

  2. When I was a little kid, one of my adult cousins worked at a Middle Eastern themed dinner club as a belly dancer. She showed a bunch of us one of her dance routines (I must have been about 4 or 5 years old at the time) and I practiced it for an entire afternoon. The next day, I had my very first case of abs-on-fire! If only I'd kept going in that direction instead of toward the cookie jar... ;) Fun, fun!