Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fast Food Fallacies

People think they're eating less than they are - it seems like I read a news story like this every month or so!

My solution to this problem? Um, don't eat at fast food places. Seriously. No, not even Subway because it's "healthy."

A year and a half ago, Subway was the only fast food place Chris and I would go to, because it was meat and vegetables and we could REALLY control what went on our food. This was before I went paleo and realized there was really no excuse for not eating at home or bringing my own food places, though.

Anyway - a year and a half ago I was struggling with some constant weight gain. I was up in the 140s at one point, feeling terrible about my body. I couldn't understand why - I was hiking intensely every weekend, working a manual labor job, and walking EVERYWHERE. One thing I clearly remember when we went paleo was giving up Subway.

I used to order a footlong veggie or turkey sub with lots of veggies, honey mustard, and on their wheat bread. This was a typical before and after hiking meal, and sometimes just a "we are too lazy to make food, let's get Subway" meal.

And that was one meal - and I KNOW I was consuming way too many calories for that one meal. I did not need to be eating over half my day's calories in one sandwich.

I miss the convenience of Subway. I tried going there and just getting the salad (and would still do that if something crazy happened and I was stranded somewhere at 9 PM and everywhere was closed except a Subway) - but I realized the QUALITY of the vegetables, meats and dressing was just... bullshit.

So I don't do it anymore.

So, if you aren't going to take my advice and stop eating fast food (and don't bother commenting defending fast food - it's a terrible sign of our awful food culture - ESPECIALLY McDonalds because I will just delete and move on)... then be VERY, VERY careful about what you order and KNOW exactly what you are putting in your mouth.

Yes, it's full of chemicals. And it is full of way more calories/fat/sodium than you would imagine.

Be careful out there, guys, it's a crazy world.


  1. No defending fast food here. :)

    Oh, and it's not just the crappy chemicals or the calories; it's the hidden sodium load! But if you've read "The End of Overeating" by former FDA head Dr. David Kessler, you know all about the food and restaurant industry's purposeful manipulation of their foods to load us with fat/salt/sugar because the chemical reactions to those combinations drive our cravings through the window. They know EXACTLY what they are doing! It's -in my opinion- just criminal what they are getting away with. They know and don't care about our health. It's the Almighty Dollar. Anyone who doesn't read the nutritional info at restaurants is just shoving their heads in the sand.

    Yeah, don't get me started, either. :)

  2. Subway would only be my emergency place, I can't agree with you more. (And it'd have to be a BIG emergency!)

  3. Careful your blog is turning into Norma's without the snark. :P Just as I love her true health posts I love this one as well. :)

    1. After mire than a year of reading people trying to get healthy but turning a blind eye to all the processes crap out there, I just gotta say something!