Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ditching the clutter!

Like Norma said recently, it's important to ditch the physical AND emotional clutter in order to get and stay healthy.

True, true, true in every sense.

I took a big step this weekend and had a garage sale. Even more big because it is Father's Day weekend.

I had to go through my dad's clothes, his movies, his CDs, the knick knacks he loved, and I had to decide which were important to keep and which were not.

It was heartbreaking to make those decisions - if he were alive, he'd want all of it to stay! And getting rid of any of it meant that he is really, really, really gone and not coming back.

Every item of clothing that got sold, every CD that got taken away, it hurt a little. I had to focus on the fact that I was making some people VERY happy (my dad had awesome nice coats and tons of belts and gortex boots and all sorts of stuff that people bought who were SO AMPED to be able to have those nice things - things they might not have been able to afford otherwise).

It was a huge step emotionally. Dealing with him being really gone. Taking steps to deal with it (I've been pushing some of my dealing with it issues to the side the past couple of months - but it's important to realize I'm still grieving).

It was a huge step PHYSICALLY, as well. We de-cluttered our space!!! The basement is CLEAR again, we can move around again, feel free again.

AND -- we are NOT going to fill in the clear spaces with more junk! This is a clutter-free, hoarder-free house!

I do feel healthier. I feel stronger. Cleaner, freer.

It will be easier for me to make healthier choices, because of feeling those things.

Mind, body, and spirit - I do believe in the pursuit of total health.

Namaste, friends. Wish your dads a Happy Father's Day if you have them and make sure they *really* know you love them, despite all their faults and quirks. I wish I could today!


  1. It's hard letting go of the past but the memories live! Hope you have a great day.

  2. Girl, I thought about you this morning, as I've also lost my dad, and this day is hard, and I know it's your first without him. I also remember having to sell or give away all my dad's things and it is heartbreaking, but I promise the stuff being gone, will heal your heart too. And on your wedding day, I hope you'll carry a trinket of his on your bouquet or remember him in some fashion. To me, that was the hardest day of my life to go through without him...and my greatest sadness of him not being around (he passed away 4 months before my wedding).

    Proud of you for "decluttering". It will do your heart and health good :)

  3. Getting rid of my dad's things was so traumatic that my brother and I never addressed our mother's things -- they're all still in her home as she left them, six years later. :( That is a HUGE undertaking you did -- physical and mental -- but such a good move in the right direction and a big step in the grieving process. You faced your fears, you felt your emotions, and you did the work. And I'm proud of you, too!

  4. I'm sorry for the trauma of your father's passing that you are still going through, but BRAVO! I'm ALL about becoming as zen as, de-stressing, getting as calm and serene as possible. I truly believe good health is not possible without that element.

  5. Although it was hard to get rid of my mom's stuff after she passed, it was also freeing for me. Her things didn't define my love for her. That will live on forever. Proud of you:)

  6. I can imagine how great de-cluttering must feel. My husband and I have a couple of rooms and a garage full of stuff that is never used.

    Parting with your dad's things must have been hard. You are brave and strong. Thinking of you today and hoping that each father's day to come is easier. Memories will live on.

  7. It's a year ago that my Dad passed away too. I've had trouble letting go of a lot of his stuff, but I'm slowly making progress. I know your father wouldn't want his stuff taking up valuable house space and making you unhappy. He would be very proud of you for helping his stuff find new homes!