Friday, June 1, 2012

Ups and Downs

So I had to cancel our trips to the High Peaks to become 46ers this weekend. The weather forecast is terrible... rain the whole time, super windy, ugh. We are not scared of weather, we hike in the rain pretty regularly... but this is all weekend, almost 100% of the time, with some actual danger involved (high winds and lightning... on a mountain top? Nope!)

So we are being responsible and canceling. But we are also kind of sad! We were so looking forward to it. We have next weekend open (which we kept open just in case of this very scenario!!!) and will try again.

Still plan to be active this weekend, though :)

Also: weighed in at a 126.6 this morning. I love.. love.. LOVE that I am slowly, steadily losing weight. I am being super active, eating VERY well (staying paleo, not cheating even when I really, really want a cookie) and it is paying off. I feel freaking fantastic. This is the first time in my life I have felt this good about my body and my control over my body. I feel in charge :D

I would love to see 125. My "ideal body weight" (according to the doctor) is 120 pounds... I do doubt I will ever get there and I don't mind that. I have lots of muscle (and building more all the time) which might keep me from easily getting to that weight. I have no plans to be super restrictive with calories just to see a lower weight.

In the past, when I tried to restrict calories (around 1300 or 1400) to lose weight, it never quite worked. I was starving, angry, and would end up over-eating some days and undoing the low calories days before!! This time: STRENGTH, muscle, CLEAN eating, paleo.... I eat TONS of food, I have several small meals a day. My body is the fittest and strongest its ever been. When I stopped focusing on weight loss and focused on how to make my body an efficient, fit, healthy body.... surprise!!!! the weight came off.

And it came off faster and easier than ever before in my decade of dieting.

I am going to stay on this track! If I fall below 125, I do. If I don't, I don't. Eating clean and working out isn't going to hurt me and eventually I will stop losing weight and find a balance.

I am eating around 1800-1900 calories a day, working out on average 30 minutes a day (but kind of active all day!). I won't waste away to skin and bones on this program!

So no mountain climbing this weekend.... if I get up the guts, I might get over to the tattoo shop and see about that wolf tattoo I promised myself :D ... it is scary! Such a huge decision, but I have thought about it for a year now. It will probably be my most important tattoo ever: a contract with myself to take care of this body of mine, and a visual reminder of that promise so when I start to slip, I won't be able to play dumb and ignore it!!

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  1. Even though we are now 100+ miles north and east of you in Woodstock, VT, we are eyeing the weather as well. Tomorrow is moving day (not far, only to Meredith, NH) and we are not looking forward to loading or driving in heavy rain. Plus it's never pleasant driving in wind/rain with bikes on the car. Ugh!!