Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching up!

Had a super busy weekend! Trying to catch up on life, work, blogs :)

Saturday, we had a BBQ and a surprise birthday party at a local music venue to go to (it was pretty awesome!)... I ate a red velvet cupcake and had some vodka. I stayed till after 1 AM. I talked to all my friends and had a blast! No regrets :)

Sunday, we woke up at a 5:30 in the morning (so got about 3 hours of sleep, ah!) to go hike with some friends. I was super tired but managed to stay paleo all day and not give into sleep-deprived cravings. I also got in a 9 mile hike up the 2nd highest mountain in the state. Success!

This is a picture Chris snapped of me when I didn't know, haha! I love it because I look so tiny!!! And you get to see my wolf tattoo, haha... this is an older tattoo, not the new one I am getting on Friday. But yeah, I needed this photo.. because it is that time of the month and I wasn't feeling too great about my body. But I like this :)

And here is another picture during the hike... Chris likes it because he says I make this face at him all the time. Oh Lord. :D

We went out to dinner after the hike. Not a lot of paleo choices (or even healthy choices) at the restaurant. My friends got burgers, fries, and wings. I got a spinach salad with grapes, walnuts and grilled chicken. Hahaha. It was the hardest self restraint I have ever shown! I felt like I needed to be strong right then, because the day before I had had a cupcake. I cannot be indulging/cheating two days in a row. Sets a bad precedent and pattern that would be hard for me to break out of.

Today, I am a little down. Some weird stuff going on at work, I don't feel comfortable here. Can't/won't really go into it here, but letting you all know I am under some high stress about it. Figuring out your life path is a damned difficult thing to do!

I am also traveling for work this week, so I am staying in Lake Placid. It was rainy today and I was super tired, so instead of heading out to the lake or the mountains, I took a nap in the hotel room. Worth it. Needed it. Will enjoy the environment tomorrow after work.

I went to the grocery store and got breakfast and lunch for the week. Stayed paleo! I plan to go out to dinner tomorrow and get a paleo dinner out (hopefully get a huge dinner and then eat the leftovers for dinner on Wednesday... saving money, yep yep).

Anyway. Missing Chris. Pretty stressed. Unsure. But keeping strong, focusing. Not backtracking now!

Plan to catch up on reading blogs tonight :)

Light and love <3

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  1. I call these "butt" pics and hubs knows better than to take them. We have a lot of them as he usually carries the camera when we hike and hikes behind me. HOWEVER, like you said, that has changed now that I'm almost at goal. "Butt" pics aren't so bad after all! LOL!