Saturday, June 2, 2012


So, this lazy Saturday morning, I've just been thinking over some things. Chatting with Chris (it's so awesome that he's home again, we had such a lovely night together and with some friends, and I had some wine! ... stayed in calories, but definitely had some wine. No more of that for a week or so, yikes!) and it got me to thinking.

One, I am down about 22 pounds since late fall. Very few (if none) of my friends that I see daily have noticed! I mean, that's 15% of my body weight. It is noticeable and while talking to Chris, I felt momentarily a little stung. But I got over it. People I don't see that often do notice (his mom or a friend down in NYC).

But it also got me thinking about some people on the OTHER end of the spectrum: nay-sayers.

During a conversation I was having with several people about strength-training and wanting to get stronger... a "friend" commented, "What?? You want to look more masculine??"

I flinched and kind of took that to mean I already looked masculine and would look more so if I used weights. That was my own self-loathing, negative-self-talk side rearing it's ugly head.

But she continued to question me about women who use weights, incredulous that any could look feminine.


She shook her head and wrinkled her brow, giving all of these body language signs that she thought women who were strong were unattractive. It didn't feel great, as I have definitely changed my muscle tone (and as a side affect, lost some of my chest size).

I have seen plenty of women who strength train who have GORGEOUS bodies I would love to have. Not everyone pumps iron to put on bulk (which takes a lot of time and effort and does NOT happen by accident). Losing body fat and toning my muscles.... that's not unfeminine!

I hate that in so many people's minds.... strength = unfeminine.

What a load of CRAP.

Women are strong. I know so many mentally strong women. I am getting to know many physically strong women in this journey. I like strong women of all types. It makes us beautiful.


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  1. Here, here! Gaining bulk is actually REALLY hard to do. Being muscular as opposed to flabby and toned instead of mushy is awesome! Don't let the naysayers get to you.