Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life n Junk ;D

So I have been doing some heavy-duty posting on not so fun issues for me. It is necessary and I am glad I got all my word vomit out on this blog. Because I think about disordered eating a LOT. I think having it tangible and in the world might help me to relax on the issue a little. It's hard to talk about.

I thought I would do something a little more light-hearted. Update everyone on how weight, food, paleo, exercise and life-life is going!

Weighed in at 126.4 today, that's the lowest weight I've been so far. I am hoping to eventually see 125, but it's not the end of the world if I don't. I refuse to reduce my calories any more, so if my body loses because of activity, that's what it will do!

Food is going GREAT. I am making lots of tasty stuff. Made an awesome sweet n spicy chili stir fry for a friend, I have a stock of super yummy roasted chicken I am snacking on this week, made an AWESOME smoothie with banana, pear and shredded coconut... mmm. My taste buds are not suffering under paleo, that is for sure.

My newest vice (and something I will have to keep an eye on) is So Delicious brand.... they make a lot of paleo friendly foods, especially ice creams and yogurts made with coconut milk. MMM. MMMMMMMM. I had a mint chocolate chip ice cream by them and I was insane with flavor happiness. But it is a lot of sugar, so I have to not do this too much :D :D I allowed sugar back into my diet and man, I love sugar, but I need to stick to natural fruit juices and honey for my sugars.

Always have something I've got to work on!

Having a nice time this week, even though I miss Chris. Making sure to see all my friends... having people over for lunch or dinner, going to the mall to shop with a girlfriend, etc etc.

Tomorrow, Chris and I are planning to head out early (as soon as he gets home pretty much) and get to hiking! We need to hike the Santanoni range in the Adirondacks and, if we complete this task, we will be Adirondack 46ers!!

I can not explain to you all how much this will mean to me, there are no words for it. I have struggled to hike the 46 highest mountains in NY (some very rugged!) and learned so much about strength, patience, my anxiety, my spirituality and myself in general while hiking these mountains.

I have become the athlete I never thought I could be.

To finish something I started.... to finish it THIS weekend??? I am overjoyed :)


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