Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally weighed in.. (tattoo update)

I was pretty scared of the scale this week. It's ridiculous! I shouldn't be scared of the truth of what I am.

But the wedding I went to last week (where I overindulged and vomited on the side of the road... not a pretty story and I won't recount it in it's full form!), made me nervous.

I've also been pretty hungry lately!

But I've been really good about eating clean and eating paleo, even if the calories have been high. Also I have been walking to/from work (3 miles round trip) and exercising, even if it is just a walk, at lunch.

So I was very happy when I weighed in at 127 :D :D It's right where I want to be: closer to 125 than 130.

I was scare I would be over 130 pounds when I got my tattoo, which would defeat the purpose!

Oh, did I tell you I have a tattoo appointment? I do! Next Friday, the 29th. I am TREMBLING with excitement when I think about it.

Cannot wait to see the final result :) It's a big one, my hip/thigh, so I am nervous!

But there is nothing to be done till that day. So I will just try to relax, haha.

On other fronts, I am finding it easier to wake up, as long as I go to bed by about 10:30. Not great for the social life, but necessary for my health. Friends will understand!

Woke up ten minutes early this morning, made myself a lovely egg scramble with onions and mushies. Put together a lovely lunch and snacks to bring to work. I've been underpacking the past few days, unsure of what I would need, and I might have OVERpacked today. I don't have to eat everything I bring with me (mantra I tell myself so that I DON'T eat everything I bring with me JUST because I brought it... I have to be hungry!)

Getting ready to leave soon, so I will wish all you beautiful souls a happy day :)

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  1. Congrats on your weigh in results. Very excited to see this tattoo! Do share when you're done?