Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life's Pleasures

So here is my day in pictures:

I woke up to this outside my window
I ate lunch here 
I kayaked here after work
And I ate this for dinner! (Shrimp stuffed lobster with veggies!)
I have been VERY hungry this week and trying to be so good. Been very paleo, been watching my calorie intake, especially since I haven't had any intense cardio this week.

But tonight, a treat... I was hungry, had an apple, and went kayaking for 1.5 hours after work.... then I went to a steakhouse and had the shrimp/lobster combo! I didn't eat the bread, I had a salad with balsamic on it, and asked for extra veggies instead of a starch as my side. I think this was a good choice :D

Next week won't be so magical, since I will not be in the Adirondacks for work, but I WILL be home with my guy, so that makes me very happy! We will have a lovely week because we will be together, even if we aren't in a fancy hotel in Lake Placid with free kayaks and a great view.

Tattoo appointment tomorrow. Nervous! It's a big one, going to take up my whole hip, and will leave me with no legs that don't have tattoos on them... strange! I want this, though. This is my contract and my promise to myself that I will always love and always take care of my body.

Updates soon as I can!


  1. You know you are in control when you choose an apple when deciding a treat is in order. Look forward to the tattoo update ;)

  2. beautiful pictures!!

    that dinner looks delish as well!!

    I look forward to a tat update as well!!