Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An hour of sun salutations!

Without the aid of Chris, I still got up at 6 AM this morning to make it to yoga class before work.

I am very proud of myself! I feel kind of depressed and it would be a lot easier to just grab an extra hour or so of sleep. But I went to bed early and prepped all my food, laid out my clothes, and off I went this morning!

It was an interesting class. We did only sun salutations (with varying degrees of difficulty, and some change ups so I didn't get bored) because the teacher said the solstice was coming and on the solstices, yogis do 108 sun salutations. WOW. In an hour we only did 36!! Some were quite involved, though.

I got a killer workout! And it loosened up my back in an amazing way. And I feel bright and awake :D :D

If I am still local (not traveling) next week, I will go to yoga again in the morning. It was worth it a hundred times over.

Still missing Chris, though. I like the partnership we have, we both get up and do these things together usually! He is working up in Lake Placid, and I am pretty jealous. He gets to hike the mountains we love every day after work. Our friend, who works with us, brought his girlfriend up there... so she gets a free hotel and a week in Lake Placid, too. I cannot help my feelings of jealousy that I wish that was me!!! GR.


I must be grateful for this job right now. I am getting paid. I NEED to get paid or fun times will have to stop in the future.

Working on my peacefulness :)


  1. An hour of suns? WOW! Do you know if the suns were aligned to specific chakras? I just picked up a book that shows how that can be - the first I've seen laid out like that. But i'm still so new to yoga, that could be something common and I wouldn't know