Monday, June 11, 2012

Small weight gain after physically demanding weekend

The hike was a very physically demanding one.

Friday: five miles backpacked in to Bradley Pond lean-to, through a tough re-route, almost running the last mile in the hopes of avoiding the rain (we did!)

Saturday: we couldn't find the herd path (the mountains we needed to hike have unmarked/unmaintained trails), got lost and bushwhacked for three hours and who knows how many miles... then hiked up to a spot between three mountains. THEN the day started, with at least five miles hiked up three mountains. We finished strong and happy on top of Panther, then had to hike about 2.5 miles back down to the lean-to.

Sunday: five miles backpack out!

I tracked the food I brought and ate all three days. I have a 500 calorie deficit on Friday, at least a 500 calorie deficit on Saturday, and no deficit on Sunday. Still... DEFICIT.

I weighed in at 128 today, while all last week I was at 126.4. Grrr.

I THINK the reasons are:

- natural fluctuations
- I had a beer at 11 PM last night (obviously being paleo, I don't usually drink beer anymore!)
- we had salty BBQ for lunch after getting out of the woods on Sunday
- my body is a little swollen from exhausting hikes, being banged around a lot in the bushwhack, and about 100 bug bites hahaha

So I am giving myself a little slack, but not too much. I am going to be very controlled with what I eat today to make sure it is not a real gain.

I wanted to leave you with some pictures from my weekend, the weekend I became a 46er :) I feel so blessed to have done the things I have. I've learned so much about myself, body, mind and soul. I am stronger, more patient, less anxious because of this hiking journey. I wouldn't trade it in for anything :)

Awesome bridge on the hike in

Bradley Pond Lean To

Painted trillium on the top of Santanoni

View from Santanoni

Chris and I on the top of Panther!!

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  1. Congratulations to both of you! What an amazing accomplishment. Love the pic of the two of you. I'd get that framed!!

    If it's any comfort, I almost always gain weight the morning after I've hiked. No real explanation and logically, it makes no sense, but I know that it's going to happen and expect it. It usually comes back off the next day.