Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brief update: kayaking

So I am waiting here in my apartment for my friends to pick me up... we are going kayaking!! They are bringing a boat for me and everything, all taken care of :D

I love.... LOVE... really, really love kayaking. However, I live in an apartment (so no storage space for one) and it is a little harder to get to pretty kayaking places than pretty hiking places so I don't own my own kayak or even get to go that often.

Last year, we went on a camping trip with about a dozen people where we kayaked over Lake Champlain and to Valcour Island. That was amazing. Breathtaking! The island was gorgeous, our campsite was stunning and the weather was perfect. And kayaking!!

So I am pretty amped :)

I packed paleo food for the day: grilled chicken, carrot/broccoli/beet salad, carob bars, pear, apple, almond flour muffin with preserves :)

I added up all the calories as I packed it and if I eat everything I packed, I will eat about 1300 calories today (we are expected to get home around five or six) which would leave me about 4-500 calories for dinner (BEFORE exercise calories are counted!)

Needless to say, I am excited about my day!

Hope you all have a gorgeous day, too!

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