Monday, June 18, 2012

Environment matters!

It struck me today how lucky I am to live in the city that I do. It is not always easy to be healthy in modern environments. I live in a city, but a small city. Albany is actually a fairly easy city to walk around, bike around, jog around. We have good sidewalks, lots of lovely parks, and a really cute downtown district that I live right nearby (lots of walking, less driving for me!) I walked 1.5 miles to work this morning, it was easy and safe.

I work in the NYS Museum building, right on the Capitol Plaza, surrounded by lots of really interesting places to walk to! At lunchtime, I headed outside and took a 1.5 mile walk around the downtown/business district today, looking at old churches and the administrative buildings of Albany.

Here are some pictures taken right on the plaza (which, by the way, has a great farmer's market on Wednesdays!)

I walked up and down these stairs half a dozen times!

And then it got a little too chilly for me! So I decided I wasn't done getting exercise on my lunchbreak, so I headed into the museum to walk around the exhibits. It doesn't feel like exercise when I get to look at so much cool stuff, but I kept moving for an hour today in the middle of the workday, and that's awesome :D

Add my lunchtime walking to my walk to/from work, I get over five miles in a day. I don't know that it would be so possible, so easy, or so fun if I didn't live where I did!

Here are some pics from inside the museum. (I really, really love working here.. I wish it was more than just a temporary job!)



A branch of my gym is right in the concourse below the plaza, so I will be doing some strength workouts this week to compliment all the walking I will be doing!

Hope everyone's Monday is going well,

Namaste :D


  1. How cool for me to read about and see pictures of the place we visited last month. We loved Albany - wish we'd had more than a day to explore. We loved that Wednesday farmer's market. We walked from Capitol Plaza up to Washington Park in the hopes that we'd see tulips left over since the festival had been the prior weekend. Now I wonder if we were walking anywhere near your home???

  2. Well hello there neighbor! I'm across the way in Buffalo :) which I also love for the parks and beautiful buildings. I usually hear reference to Albany in the context of NYS government and have spent short periods of time there for business but I like your perspective much better!

  3. Albany is a pretty sweet city (you are about 2 hours north of me). I spent some time there during the college years, as SUNY Albany is a popular college choice around here. We are lucky that we live to such fantastic cities but can also go get lost in the mountains!!