Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am faced with so many choices out on the road that I don't have to contend with at home.

It is so easy for me to stick to my schedule at home of gym, work, eat what's at home.

Here: buy stuff at the grocery, eat out, eat leftovers.... where to eat out, how to order, how to make good choices! Work out, don't work out, play/work out. 

Today we set up grids and didn't do a lot of digging. I had planned to hit the gym at the hotel, but I decided to kayak instead! The hotel where I stay offers free kayaking, and I felt I HAD to take advantage... kayaking on Mirror Lake with a view of the High Peaks in the background. It was a pretty good arm workout, too! I hope to get pictures tomorrow... it's been cloudy/rainy/hazy all week, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice..

I have been working on my dissertation in my hotel room, but taking breaks to watch TV, do push-ups and squats. Makes me feel better about my food decisions:

I ate out last night (Monday night, I just ate a turkey burger and some veggies from home). Last night I got beef meatloaf with sweet potato fries and Brussels sprouts. I only ate half. So tonight, instead of going out and buying another full meal (and having TOO much food lying around the hotel room), I ate my leftovers. Good for my wallet, probably better for my body.

I did go out into Lake Placid this afternoon and I bought a piece of dark chocolate almond bark. I ate that tonight, too. Heh. I was CRAVING chocolate. I have been craving it since Sunday (when I got my monthly friend)... finally gave in and I don't regret it!! MMMM.

By the by... my monthly friend only last two and a half days. Crazy. When I was 135 lbs or over, it would last around 5-7 days. Now at closer to 125, 2.5 days! It makes my life easier. I talked to my doctor about it and she says it's completely normal, whew.

My guy is at home baking up some paleo treats for the coming week. I am excited. So far, I am the only one baking for paleo in our house. I am eager to see how he does! I plan to enjoy a treat during or after my tattoo appointment on Friday (will eat a little lighter during the day to make room for it, though).


  1. It sounds like you are balancing really well! Congrats on the great side effects of health. I hope some day I am surprised by some health benefits of my own!

  2. You're doing really well trying to keep balanced while on the road. Keep it up!