Thursday, June 14, 2012

46er celebration and weight lifting! (I *want* huge thighs!)

Last night, about ten of our friends came over to help us celebrate becoming 46ers (they have had to listen to us for three years about hiking the 46 High Peaks, haha, and most of them have even hiked a few with us!).

I got a lot of paleo friendly desserts... dark chocolate, paleo macaroons, gluten free cookies, fresh farmer's market strawberries and some wine!

I tried not to over indulge... I did not have much wine at all, but I definitely ate me some chocolate.

I am on a sugar obsession right now, for sure. I see it clearly. Which is why I am going strict paleo for a few days (only sugars will be from whole fruits!) to get myself off this chocolate/sugar/sweet obsession.

Seems like I might have to "reset" every once in a while when I see myself getting too complacent and diving into the sugar again.

That's fine! It is necessary, I don't see it as a "punishment", just a reset... a look at priorities. I am an adult woman and I will take control of my life and my body.

Had a great weight lifting session this morning. Started out with a mile or so of cardio to get the heart rate up and made the rounds of the free weights and weight machines. My muscles got put through their paces!

My strongest muscles, by far, are my quads. I have always had really strong legs (thighs AND calves) but I have been working on them even more so. Being able to squat a lot of weight or leg press a lot of weight really helps my hiking (lifting my own body and gear up a mountain!).

Today I got my leg press up to 250 lbs for a 12-9-6 set of reps! I felt pretty good. That is almost twice my body weight!

Looking in the mirror while doing it was great... I loved to see my huge thigh muscles bulging and working :D :D I NEVER thought I would be wanting LARGER thighs. But here I am!

It just proves to me how far I've come with my understanding of healthiness in the past few years... I used to just want to be thin/skinny. Now I want a strong body that is glowing with health! I want a body that can take me anywhere.

So here I go :)

Light and love!

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