Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve in NYC

Wow. Wow! I have to tell you that I had maybe my best New Year's Eve yet - it was really special, really fun, and I am just reeling from it!

We went to see the Disco Biscuits at the Best Buy Theater, right next to Times Square, where the ball drops. That was an experience in and of itself! We had to show our tickets at several police checkpoints to be allowed into the area. There were so many people and a bit of chaos, but we got through in a timely manner :)

Our friend who we usually spend New Year's Eve with works at a radio station and managed to get our whole group of friends VIP tickets, which made the night, really! We got a bird's eye view of the band on a balcony that was NOT crowded and got have a bit of a private party with about 10 of our friends. Here is a shot that someone we know took from the crowd of us on the balcony (I am the one in the black sweatshirt with white letters):

And my VIP ticket:

I've never been treated to something like that before. Getting to enjoy the concert without being on the crowded, hot floor (which I normally don't mind - it's all part of the experience), having space, and being completely relaxed! The sound was really incredible on the balcony, too. The band played REALLY well - the music was really intricate and pretty intense for most of the show. Sometimes, I found myself not even dancing, just standing there, slack-jawed, and watching them play (and watching the lasers and the crowd).

I didn't take any pictures, because I was just having too much fun in the moment to bother!, so all the following pictures are from my friends.

It was really funny to be able to see the whole crowd! I found myself people watching quite a bit (they played three sets - from 9 PM to about 3 AM - so I had lots and lots of time to enjoy every part of it!). I saw a lot of odd little slice-of-life moments of perfect strangers:

We were right next to where the staff released the balloons at midnight - there was one lady assigned to protect the rope at all costs! :) When the balloons fell, they also shot off confetti cannons, which created a 30 second confetti tornado on the balcony. Everyone was laughing and covered in confetti - to the point we really couldn't see anything for a few seconds.

The show let out - and I was EXHAUSTED, as I had been awake all day, on my feet all night, and hadn't eaten in 12 hours. It was lucky that the show let out so late, though, because the huge crowds from Times Square had already dispersed and there was just a quiet, messy city to walk through:

The city looked like a post-apocalyptic war zone as we walked through - eerily quiet, really messed up, with just some emergency vehicles and police doing sweeps through the neighborhoods. We had a strange train ride home (I guess to be expected at about 3:30 AM after New Year's Eve on an NYC subway!) but got back to Brooklyn, where we were staying with friends.

We stayed up for several more hours, drinking and chatting - just as fun as the concert! I actually only drank about 1 1/2 beers at the concert (I don't like getting schwilly in public) and had about another 1 1/2 beers after. Not bad for an indulgent New Years!

Chris and I were on Cloud 9 after the show and all the next day - just riding the high of being so freaking happy! It was a TERRIFIC start to the new year (I just hope the rest of the year follows suit!). The ride home from Brooklyn was easier than ever because we were in such great moods, despite being sleep deprived (I think we each napped for about 3 hours in the morning).

I am definitely bloated from eating off plan for a full day and drinking beer. I am also very, very sore from the standing/dancing/walking into the wee hours of the morning :) I am quite tired, as well!

And, while none of those things are good for my body, it was just one day - one incredible, fun, unforgettable day! - and I am back to my normal routine already.

I wouldn't change a single thing about my night, despite not feeling my best today.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I will start getting caught up on blogs in the next day or so :)

All my love <3


  1. Wow! It sounds like you had an incredible start to the new year. You're living life and creating memorable moments. I want to start working on that myself. For too long, I have let my obesity sideline me. Keep enjoying yourself Jeanette and I hope 2015 is your best year ever.

    1. I hear you - I was obese for most of my young adult life (from about 12 - 22) and did NOT participate in life, really. I dreamed big, but never climbed the mountains I wanted or went to concerts or tried anything new. I think I am making up for that time in my life now by doing ALL THE THINGS :) I just really, really, really wish I hadn't let my weight keep me on the sidelines back then... but I can't change the past, only learn from it.

  2. Happy New Year! What an awesome night you had! Hope your 2015 is an amazing year :)

  3. Glad you had so much fun!! :)

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