Thursday, January 15, 2015

Positively Balmy!

I feel like it is positively balmy outside! Do you see that my coat is even open as I walk on my lunch break?

I must have gotten really acclimated to the super cold weather, especially since I spend so much of my time outside. 21°, no wind, bright and sunshiny out. I am loving it.

I am going to crush my step goal for the day, took Koda on a long walk this morning, plus the nice weather on all of my walk breaks.

My weight is down yet another pound this morning. Back to 125. Going to keep up the good work, get back into my goal range, and stay healthy from there on out :-)

I was reading an article this morning as I drank my coffee. It said that lack of exercise was actually more dangerous to your health then being obese! Though both of those factors contributed to heart disease and early death, lack of exercise was actually the bigger contributor. They recommended a simple 20 minutes a day of something as simple as a brisk walk to add years to your life.

Not too much to ask, is it?

Your life and your time here on earth is worth it.

Have a beautiful day my friends <3


  1. wow, that's contrary to everything I read. Everything I read now says that exercise is less important than getting rid of the sugar, processed foods, and grains. hmmmmm. ;)

    That said, I DO know that 20 minutes a day is a good amount to 'cover your heart' health concerns...for anyone. :)

    Congrats on the scale's downward trend. :)

    1. I think there are definitely mixed messages out there - I've seen a lot of studies that say that exercise isn't as important as diet for weight loss, and I really do believe that! I can work out like a fiend, but if I'm not eating right, I gain weight.

      I'll have to look for the study when I get home, but the idea was that, while inactivity and obesity are both bad for your long term health, even if you are obese, you can still add years to your life by getting active! But they did find that inactive non-obese people were at just as high a risk of early death as non-active obese people. Gah!

  2. Exercise can play an important part in our health, fitness and wellbeing - but so to can eating the correct foods .........

    Well done on your continued downward trend.

    All the best Jan

    1. Absolutely!

      I think I miscommunicated a little - I was thinking about the importance of exercise for longevity. They were finding that inactive "healthy weight" people had just as high a risk of death as inactive obese people. So it is important to remember that exercise is really important, too :)

      Because, like I said above to Gwen, I really do buy those studies that show that diet is more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss... exercise is still a vital part of a healthy lifestyle (just like sleep, drinking enough water, etc).

  3. I've heard this too Jeanette and it makes sense. Exercise strengthens your heart, muscles, blood vessels, etc, keeps your pulse lower and your body fat down. Who wants to be "skinny fat"? Plus you feel so great afterwards. I wish they'd up the recommendations though...20 minutes is not very much if that's all someone does a day.