Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blood work results

Well, first - I'm down to 125 today. Phew - just about another 3 lbs to get back to normal range. Continued clean eating, water, and exercise as per normal... Not doing anything different, just getting back to routine! My weight holds really stable when I'm following routine without much effort/worry. I got this :)

I got my blood work results from the insurance test:

From what I can understand from my research, my cholesterol levels are really good! All my other numbers are normal, except bilirubin ... I had to look up what that was, seems it is a pigment waste product associated with the liver. I actually have a doctor's appointment this week, so I can bring my results and see if there is anything to be concerned about!

My BP and pulse were in the low/athletic range, as well.

Definitely a good time to apply for insurance. Better numbers = better rates! 

It's really messy out in my neck of the woods right now, about an inch of slush on the ground and it is raining, to boot. BLECH. Going to put in galoshes in a little while to take the dog on a walk :)

Feeling much less sore after the bootcamp style workout yesterday. It helps that I didn't have to help someone move afterwards!

Have a great week <3


  1. Your liver enzymes are all normal. I suspect your doc won't be too alarmed, but good to check it out.

    Your cholesterol total is low, but that HDL is high. Good for you! My total is high, but according to my Small Ion mobility panel, it's the good kind. The doc say's "no statins" which I wouldn't be taking anyway.

    Glad you can take advantage of low insurance rates. By eating low inflammatory, we should be able to reap those benefits. :) Karen P

  2. Great to hear about your test results - well done.

    I hate slush it does look messy and it is messy ! Anyway as long as you dress / equip yourself for the weather you'll be fine and Koda will love a walk.........

    Take Care

    All the best Jan