Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Surprise: Up Again

Well, January has proved to be a troublesome month for me as far as sticking to my eating template (though exercise/activity has been spot on... you cannot out-exercise bad diet choices!).

Up to 127 this morning because of my weekend out!

Nothing to do but say, of course my weight is up - staying up all night, drinking wine, nibbling on chocolate, definitely not getting my veggies in.

January has been a month of off plan, off routine days/weeks AND a month of higher weights:

Let's see what I've done this month:

- New Year's Eve in Manhattan and recovery from that party and tons of off plan food

- a weekend in a cabin/skiing, communal meals and drinking

- pretty much a week long off-plan family meals surrounding my grandmother's death and services - lots of sugar and grains

- another weekend in the city (Brooklyn this time) with meals out and social eating/drinking

So.. I had maybe two weeks (weekdays only!) of eating on my Paleo template. Definite reason why my weight has been up all month. I have not been OVEReating, though I did do some emotional eating when my grandmother passed, I haven't been out of control.

But that just goes to show you why I weighed 135 when I was eating the Standard American Diet (despite counting calories) and easily maintain around 122/123 when I eat on the Paleo template. It is food type and quality that affects my weight (and I believe a lot of that weight is inflammation and bloating, rather than pure fat, because the weight falls off within a week or so when I am back on track).

I'm not going to beat myself up or belabor the point. I know what my weight is and what my health is like when I eat on plan. And I know what it does when I veer off. The facts are clear!

This month was hard, but that's no excuse. I made some poor choices and I made them knowing the consequences. I ate for fun, I ate to quell anxiety, I ate for pleasure, I ate out of sorrow. I never binged (don't want to go back to that part of life) but I made poor choices based on emotion rather than based on what will strengthen my body.

I'm not going to get on a pedestal and say I will never make poor choices again - I am an imperfect human, I use worldly pleasures to soothe stress/depression/anxiety at times, I don't always look at the big picture, I err. But what I will say is that I recognize where I am failing and faltering, and February will be a different month than January (perhaps not perfect, but miles better!).

So here is a toast (with coffee!) to recognizing our mistakes and ACTIVELY working to improve upon them.

Namaste, friends <3


  1. Betcha you are back to 123 before the end of February. And/but, good job on the self-reflection. :)

  2. You're right about it not being pure fat. That wouldn't be possible, and we've all done it. By recognizing and documenting what happened, you have a plan. You've got this!

  3. You know the where's, how's, what you need to do's etc. and February is just around the corner.

    Onwards with confidence I bet those scales will be down,

    All the best Jan

  4. Love your no excuses attitude

  5. Toasting recognition and active improvements right along with you (mine's coffee too).

  6. YES! Perfection is not possible but we can do better. Good luck this month!