Friday, January 23, 2015

In and Out of Routine

Today is my only day of work this week - Monday was a holiday and I took three days off for bereavement (actually paid for by my job, which is amazingly nice... I had initially thought I wouldn't need the three days, but I was pretty emotionally exhausted by Wednesday, and Thursday was a nice recuperation day. I actually feel like a normal human being today!)

So a short week, for a not-good reason, but all is well now. Back to life, back to my routine, back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets, anyway.

Several days of great eating under my belt - the house is absolutely stocked with fresh produce, meat/eggs, and all the other little bits (nuts, seeds, etc). I feel so GOOD after a couple days of not eating processed foods/grains... it still shocks me that I fall back into it, when my body reacts so strongly against it! Work in progress. I will get better at this :)

I really do thrive in a routine. I know I need to work on my behavior when I get thrown off that routine. But knowing my faults is important - I don't turn a blind eye to them anymore.

However, it is nice to just relax into my routine right now. Like muscle memory, it makes the day so much easier! Big glass of water and lemon juice in the morning, more water and breakfast at work, coffee :D, walks at breaks, lovely packed lunch, home to my husband and animals for family time, walks, cooking dinner together, bad TV, etc. I do like it!

My routine is going to be a little thrown off again this weekend. Many months ago we bought tickets to see Joe Russo's Almost Dead in Brooklyn this weekend and got a rental place with friends. Tomorrow morning, we are going to head down to the city (hope the weather isn't AWFUL!), have lunch somewhere, hang with our friends, see the show and sleep over. We will probably get breakfast in the city before heading home on Sunday.

I have plans to drink a couple glasses of wine with friends before the show (but nothing at the show, part because of money, part because I don't want to get drunk in the slightest! Even though I know I am not pregnant, just knowing I am trying make me hesitant to put anything potentially harmful into my body) and to enjoy a nice late lunch/early dinner with Chris, but to choose a quality restaurant where I can make great choices. No junk! My body wants good, clean food... I'm craving it right now. I'm exhausted from feeling physically out of sorts!

We are going to walk the dog before we leave to get our steps in on Saturday, too :) And we'll do the same when we pick him up on Sunday.

So that's what's going on with me. Things haven lightened up a little in my world <3 Thanks for all your words of support, comfort and kindness over the past week. I am grateful for you!


  1. promise me, since you are trying to get pregnant, that after this, you will not any ANY alcohol.

    That said, glad you got some time to recuperate and get back in a healthy routine, and have fun this weekend.

    1. I definitely promise! I wonder what women do when they are trying to conceive, really? What if it never happens, takes 2, 3, 4 years? I already feel a strange anticipation, a fear that I am pregnant and don't know it, a need to protect a life that doesn't even exist!! I don't know that I can do this for years, haha.. I'm scared that I am drinking coffee, even. Agh.

  2. After bereavement I think it important to take a little time so those three days were a good idea.
    Life will get back on a more even keel but just give yourself time.

    Love the sound of the house being full of fresh produce - great stuff.

    Take Care and ..........

    All the best Jan

  3. Glad to see things are returning to normal for you. :)

  4. Sounds like you're emotionally healing quite nicely. I'm impressed with how you were able to take control of your emotionally eating and anxiety. Routine helps immensely. Thinking of you. ((HUGS))