Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Update

Had a really great weekend- busy!

Saturday was our friend's yearly BBQ at his penthouse apartment with a great view of the city and a huge patio to enjoy the view:

I did my hair all pretty for the party:

Aaaaand I got really drunk for the first time in a very, very, very long time! We were at the party for many hours and I was drinking vodka. Definitely woke up with a headache this morning!

But I promised some friends of mine that I would help them move today, so I spent today doing that, it was a lot of work and they're moving about an hour outside of the city, so a lot of driving too.

They have a cute, huge dog:

Not going to weigh in today or tomorrow, especially after drinking and eating off plan this weekend. I don't regret going off plan and I don't regret drinking. I had a lot of fun all weekend and really enjoyed myself. I don't splurge like that very often at all anymore. And I know I'm not going to splurge like that in the near future, either. 

Back to normal tomorrow for a nice long week of clean food and exercise!

My ear finally seems to be clearing up this weekend, too, which makes everything a lot easier for me.

Just wanted to update you all - let you know I went purposely off plan this weekend but am right back on track starting immediately (I don't let one party or a weekend off plan spiral me out of control anymore. If I go off plan, it's not an accident, I did it on purpose and i'm purposely right back on track!)



  1. It's nice to cut loose - no regrets, just back to normal. You are young and should be having some fun with friends... it's all good :)

  2. Great pics and so pleased to hear you're having fun.

    Take Care and

    All the best Jan