Monday, June 16, 2014

All the Things

So, a lot has been happening. 

I filled out the paperwork for my new job today. I start July 14, I'm pretty excited for the new challenge. 

So, the weekend? 


I got to dress like this: 

And go to my area's first annual Renaissance Festival! It was small, because it was the first year, but it was super cute, and everyone did a really great job. The costumes were great and the vendors were talented artisans and the food was good and the performances were funny and entertaining. And my favorite, the joust, was excellent!!!

Yesterday, I went with Chris and the dog to the Adirondacks to climb Seymour mountain. Almost 14 miles round-trip, and one of the tougher, most rugged, steep trails in the area!! The last mile up to the summit is a lot of scrambling, muddy, slippery, rocky, using your whole body to support your weight and balance you, kind of hiking.

It was fun!!

Koda is now at 45/46 High Peaks and will soon be a 46er like Chris and I! :)

However, I have been battling a small cold since the middle of last week. The hike really pushed me over the edge, I never fully let myself rest, and I woke up this morning at 2 AM with an ear infection.

I've never had an ear infection before, and this was one of the most painful things I've experienced in a long time. I took ibuprofen and something with acetaminophen in it and had to wait a couple hours for it to kick in before I could fall back asleep. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to hopefully get some antibiotics or something to kick this out of my system.

I have no idea what I weigh. I've been trying to eat moderate portions, but ate pulled pork at the Renaissance Festival and we ate calorie heavy foods for the hike (I needed the fuel... It was an insanely physically challenging hike. I was also up for most of the day. We woke up at 3 AM, got home about 7 PM and then stayed up to watch the game of thrones finale). So I just didn't weigh in today.

Having a very normal day, with my normal breakfast and a super healthy lunch:

Roasted chicken, beets, and yellow cauliflower.

Ok... Off to the doctors. Sorry about my inattentiveness to the blog and to my commenting. I'm still reading everyone's blog! But things are little crazy right now for me. Going to heal up and get back on track with my routines.

Namaste <3


  1. I was once sitting on a doctor's office stoop, waiting for them to open, with a teenager and an ear infection. So yes, know how terribly painful they are, even for adults who can verbalized it. My kids never had them as babies. But I know from friends it is a walking the floors, no sleep for anyone thing if it hits in the middle of the night.

  2. Festival sounds and looks fun.

    Just need to sort out life's other niggles, painful though they may be I'm sure you will.

    Take Care - Good health

    All the best Jan

  3. How awesome of Koda to almost be a 46er?! I wonder how many dogs can make that claim?

    And Game of Thrones...I liked the finale...can't believe it will next April before it starts back. I'm half tempted to read the books (my husband has...but has been good not to spoil anything) to find out what happens next, but I think I'll just wait it out...ha!

    So sorry about the ear infection...that stinks, but I saw on your post for today that you are on the mend. Take care of yourself :)