Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Dirtiest" Foods of 2014

The "Dirty Dozen" changes from year to year, depending on agriculture practices and other varied reasons. And you all know that I think reducing the amount of pesticides, chemicals, hormones and antibiotics we consume will GREATLY improve our overall health and reduce our risk of cancer/other disease.

So I wanted to share the updated list with you:

Chris and Koda left yesterday for three or four day backpacking/camping trip. I don't really love the whole rugged camping thing, I CAN do it and will do it when I really want to climb a mountain or do a hike that requires camping, but I don't do it just all the time for fun, hahaha. So I let them go and have their boys weekend.

But it's weird not having them here! But Chris travels a lot, so I get a little used to it. However I am not used at all to not having Koda here!! I miss hugging his sleepy self in the morning!

I also miss our daily walks- it's an hour of the day that really makes me happy. I get to spend time with my dog, enjoy the fresh air, and listen to my book on tape!

So yesterday I decided to still take an hour to get outside and listen to my book, and I went on a bike ride! It was fun and a nice change of pace- will be doing that again today.

I also went to a friends house for a little gathering and have some wine (and drink some of their homemade dandelion wine!).

Still 122.4 today :)

Ok- off to grocery shop!

Namaste <3

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  1. Makes me a bit sad that those tasty fruits and veggies get all doused with chemicals.
    My man is out of town this weekend too. I've got the weekend planned with activity so I don't miss him so much or turn to food for comfort. Have a good one :)