Friday, June 13, 2014

Sodium, whoa

So I ate this last night:

Well! Not all of that! That was both Chris and I's dinner last night. I also had a little soup as an appetizer, just broth, because I'm feeling a little under the weather.

But, anyway, my weight jumped up 2 pounds in a day... Obviously, I don't usually eat rice, and I ate one and a half rolls of sushi with the rice last night. And I had soy sauce (holy salty, batman!). And, it is that time of the month for me.

So, no extra sodium for me today. Lots of water and clean eating.

Not going to do a ton of extra exercise today, though. I still am feeling a little bit funky.

I had a good day yesterday- accepted the job, found out my very good friend is going to be working in the same building as me, and I went out for some free live music in the city along with almost a dozen of my friends. It was a lot of fun. We saw Fitz and the Tantrums!

They had to move the venue to under the bridge, instead of the local amphitheater outside where it is usually held, because of the threat of rain. The sound was a little off, but it was still fun!

So that's that! Weight up, just as it has been going up and down for years! I used to have a range of 121 to 123. Not my range is more like 122 to 125. I'm okay with it, which is a huge step for me. I obviously try to keep it more towards 122, just so I don't keep raising this range and letting it getout of control. 125 is definitely my "scream weight" which I will not let myself go over because it could start that trend of me continuing to gain.

Back to life stuff!



  1. Yum Sushi! We are having some tonight. I try to use the reduced sodium soy sauce, but still, it has sodium. It will flush out ;) I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Love sushi! When I go out for it, I usually ask if the rice can be substituted for other veggies. The chefs have never turned down my request.

    For me too much sodium like in soy sauce or in any processed food affects me in a huge way. I usually feel sluggish, have puffy hands and face, and retain water like a camel! Drink lots of water and like Rebecca said, you'll flush it out in no time.

    Glad you accepted the job. Although you said it's not your perfect job yet, you'll do great. Must a load off your mind :)

  3. congrats on the job! And glad you aren't stressing over obvious fluid retention from the extra salt!!