Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Interview, Jam

So, my phone interview turned into an in person interview! Continue sending me good vibes, I am very hopeful :)

Chris and I made strawberry rhubarb jam from scratch today. No pectin or anything added, just strawberries, rhubarb, maple syrup, a little vanilla extract, flax seeds and salt:

Delicious! I'm going to use it as a topping on bananas or my lactose-free cottage cheese and things like that. Since I don't eat bread, jam has to have other uses. :)

Tonight is breakfast for dinner night, one of my favorite types of dinner ever. Bacon, eggs and veggies!

Ok- off to try things to reduce anxiety about my interview tomorrow... Tea, petting the dog, etcetera :)

Namaste <3


  1. Good luck Jeanette! I love breakfast anytime.

  2. We have a major theater person at our house, so the "good l---" expression is taboo.
    Good vibes continue to you.

  3. Sending many positive vibes your way - fingers crossed! And breakfast for dinner is awesome - one of my go-to meals for my little ones when my husband is out of town!