Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grocery Shop

I like to do this kind of post once in a while, to let you know what kind of food I bring into my house. Having my house stocked for success is really one of the most major reasons I have been able to maintain my weight (having my partner on board with this style of eating is the other, I think!).

Had a very successful grocery shop today (minus most of the veggies for the house, which are bought on Sundays at the local co-op because we get a discount on Sunday!):


Deli honey ham (natural, no nitrates, etc)
Boneless pork ribs
Whole natural chicken
Also bought chicken drumsticks
Grass fed ground beef
Ground turkey (no antibiotics, etc)
4 cans tuna


2 Cantaloupes
Organic navel oranges (great deal - same price as non-organic! so I got about 4 lbs)
Organic grape tomatoes
Romaine hearts

Random Stuff:

Seltzer, lots and lots of seltzer (helps me meet my water goals for the day, because I love it so much)
My lactose free cottage cheese (2 big containers, I love this stuff)
Coconut milk coffee creamer
1 lb almonds
Sunflower seed butter (mm)
Poppy seed salad dressing
Dried snap peas for snacking

Stuff we had from previous shop included onions, slicing tomatoes, turnips, brussels sprouts, beets, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, dates.

So that's what my kitchen looks like right now! And it pretty much always has some variation of this list. Nutritious, filling food. Very little junk (I use the coconut creamer and sunflower seed butter to satiate my need for fatty junk... we also have some dark chocolate in the house from the co-op, which we have been able to moderate and not overindulge in! The chocolate is not an option during the day, it's something for the evening if we are craving that. The chocolate we buy is pretty expensive (organic, few ingredients,etc) so I wouldn't waste it by eating it mindlessly haha!).

So when I am hungry and I look in the fridge and see a coleslaw made of carrots and cabbage or roasted beets or sliced cantaloupe and none of it appeals to me? I know I am not really hungry, just snacky because of emotional reasons (boredom, stress, whatever). I'll drink some seltzer and come back later when actually hungry.

Have a good day, friends <3

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  1. That all sounds really good! My list is pretty boring... just real food plus butter and cream. We hardly eat out so I need to keep the well stocked with great food :)