Thursday, June 12, 2014

Duh - eat real food!! (and life updates)

Love this article. If you want to be healthy, inside and out, give it a read:

What Causes Weight Gain

Real food: one or very few ingredients (and all the ingredients are pronounceable, understandable, known foods and NOT chemicals).

Real food: rarely comes in packaging (I guess things like meat, etc, necessary have to be wrapped up... but you know what I'm talking about!)

Real food: has normal colors.

Real food: isn't pumped full of antibiotics, pesticides, etc.

Real food: isn't genetically modified.


Common sense, friends :)

In my life updates: weight holding steady at 122.8. I think I am going to accept a job I don't love, love, love, but the hours and the pay work into my life. And I just need something to pay the bills while I finish my dissertation and then I will start looking for the job of my dreams. This job doesn't start for a month, so I am going to buckle down hard on my dissertation till then (AND enjoy the summer!).

Namaste <3


  1. Congrats on the job offer!!! Yep, sometimes a job is just a job until you can find the job of your dreams and that is okay! Still do your best at it and when you eventually apply for what you really want, you'll have a nice resume' booster on there. :)

    And yep....real food...though I will say there have been some weird real fruit/veggies at the store that I have no idea what it is...but I do know it's still real. Ha!! Have a great day!

  2. Great article about food and weight gain - so simple yet so hard for people to do... eat real food. Good luck with the job, maybe you'll get to like it :)