Sunday, October 27, 2013


I wanted to share some parts of our trip with you all, since I was missing for two weeks, I wanted to give you an idea of what I was up to!! I took about 3000 pictures and visited 7 cities (and many different sites IN those cities) so I am only going to give you a brief snapshot of my trip. Anything too detailed and I may bore you and it would take up WAY too much time. 

So, Tokyo. AWESOME! I loved Tokyo. It wasn't too hard to find our way around on the train system and we got to visit all of the main neighborhoods in central Tokyo. We visited the Meiji shrine, saw the Harajuku neighborhood, crossed the busiest intersection in the world, walked through the Imperial gardens, visited the National Museum, and more!

It was very modern (mixed with the ancient in a really cool way) and was so interesting every single moment. I loved our hotel room (on the 23rd floor with a great view of the city AND Mt. Fuji) and just had a lot of fun. We traveled for about 42 hours to get there but I didn't feel TOO jet-lagged as I slept really hard the second we arrived, haha.

Here's a glimpse in pictures:
Our reflection in our hotel room window... you can see the city in the distance and our to-go meal :D

Me at a government building that has an observatory, 360 degree view of Tokyo
Zojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower

Costumed people in the train station



Yes, I bought a kimono :D

Street fair at Ueno Park

National Museum at Ueno Park

Buddhist Cemetery

We had two days in Tokyo... I wish I had more, I really loved it and felt really comfortable there. And there is SO MUCH to see and do and eat and drink :D But we had a lot more of Japan to visit!!!

I am finally feeling less jet-lagged today. The past two days, I took lots and lots of naps, had weird sleep at night, and couldn't seem to get on a normal schedule. I woke up at 5 AM today but am determined not to nap so I can get back to a normal schedule!

One more night at home with my husband before he starts traveling for work again, so off I go to enjoy!

Peace <3


  1. This looks like a beautiful city to visit! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!!!

  2. I have just 'hopped over' from Gwens blog.

    Your pictures are great - so nice to see and share.

    All the best Jan