Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Routine Walks

Busy day ahead. Getting the last things ready for our trip, a meeting to go to, a welcome home party for a friend, spending quality time with Koda before we leave!

Isn't he handsome?? :)

I REALLY love the routine I have with him. Walking almost three miles at the start of my day is awesome. Really, really awesome. Sets me up really nicely for a great day.

Ten years ago I would have LAUGHED and LAUGHED if someone tried to tell me I would really enjoy waking up and hitting the pavement to walk for an hour, rain or shine, cold or warm.

But it's my favorite part of the day, usually, now.

Getting my blood moving, getting fresh air in my lungs, spending nice times with my furry buddy, seeing people and animals about in the morning? Love.

I feel so connected to my body, to my dog, to my neighborhood, to the changing of the seasons.

All because of a little routine walk. And that's really the key, isn't it? Routine, habit. I don't think twice about getting dressed and prepping for the walk. I just do it. And almost always come home with a smile on my face!

It took a lot of changes to get where I am - the level of activity, the way I eat, etc. Changes that happened over years and years. But here I am (weighing 120.4 this morning) finding this way of life easy and natural.

Again, I would have laughed if you told me I'd live this way and LIKE it ten years ago.

But I do :)

Namaste, friends.


  1. What an uplifting entry! Koda is so handsome. :)

  2. Now that my cast is off, I'm getting back into a routine with my Finn too. Koda is gorgeous:)