Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tiredness > Hunger > Candy ???

I haven't been mentioning it here on the blog, but I am feeling really sleep deprived!! Things just haven't gone back to normal since I got home from Japan. Lots of weird nightmares and waking up not knowing where I am, waking up at 3 or 4 AM and not being able to fall back asleep, etc. This is leading to daytime naps and general fatigue. So weird!

I'm working on it: limiting caffeine, trying to fight naps, going to bed at a reasonable time, all that. But my system got screwy and it seems like it is going to take some time to get back on track.

Oh well!!

In the meantime, I am really fighting the HUNGER that comes with tiredness. (Man, that correlation sucks)

I've done a good job so far by drinking lots of water, as I am back down to 120.8 this morning but I worry about Halloween!! CANDY!

I don't bring candy into the house but I am hanging out with friends tonight and tomorrow who I know have huge bowls of crappy, processed, delicious, addictive candy in their houses.

Easy solution: don't go.

But not a good, healthy, sane decision! I need people in my life, especially because Chris is gone for the week. I need to socialize, chat, laugh, etc. I get sad when I'm alone for too many days. This is my third day at home with just the animals for company. I need humans!

So, what?

Well, I'm putting it out there on this blog that I will NOT eat any candy tonight or tomorrow. If I put it out there in the world then I have a better chance of success. I don't know if I'll be perfect or succeed, especially since I am battling with this tiredness and hunger but damn it I will try my best. I'm worth not filling my body with crap (and now I just have to really believe it!!!!).

I am where I want to be for Sunday, all I have to do is stay here!

I'm going to visualize myself on the tattoo table, in front of people, torso bared. I will visualize myself trim, not bloated, healthy and proud.

I watched some episodes of the Biggest Loser yesterday and Jillian said something to the effect of "If you have a WHY, the how won't matter." I really liked that. My WHY is comfort in front of people and pride in myself. I have up to 8 hours to get tattooed on Sunday, I really want to feel good in those hours (especially since its my MARRIAGE tattoo- I don't want bad feelings associated with that!!)

Okay, off to grab a yogurt and walk the dog! Start the day off right to end it right :)



  1. I stand right beside you and say NO CANDY as well! We don't need that shit, and we certainly don't need the way it smacks our self-esteem/emotional well-being down, either!

    Sorry the jet lag is still nailing you. Hope it's almost passed. :)

  2. I was in California for my honeymoon and I found going and adjusting to the 4 hour time difference was WAY easier than coming home and adjusting. I can only imagine close to a 12 hour adjustment. You're right though, just try and force yourself to get back into the routine.

  3. Do you ever use melatonin? Sometimes I need to give my circadian rhythms a little push.