Friday, October 4, 2013

The day didn't start off so well....

Woken up by the dog barking because he had pooped on the floor (still has accidents, but it's obvious he didn't WANT to poop inside), the cat puked, it is raining and cold and all the things seem to be going wrong...

Payment for the MOST beautiful and perfect and idyllic past few days??

Maybe, haha. Ah, well. Took the dog on a slightly shorter and much wetter walk, anyway. Going to hunker down and chill out inside with a warm cup of coffee and inside tasks for the rest of the day (super glad I did the painting earlier in the week!).

My eats so far:

Breakfast - lots of water and coconut milk yogurt

Lunch - about 4 ounces roasted chicken and a cup of roasted sweet potatoes/carrots/onions

My weight is up a little to 122. Expected since I've been struggling a little with eating paleo (though still eating almost completely clean - no processed junk food for me, that's really off the table at this point).

Not stressed about it. I know how to get back in control and I will. And I still really like my body and my weight here :) The only reason 122 makes me want to pull the reins back is because that can very easily morph into 125, then 130, then 133, then 137 and so on till I am right back where I started a couple years ago!

My long term goal is to stay between 118 and 122. Still there today, will be there tomorrow :) (Can you tell I am trying very hard to be positive? It is difficult when it is gloomy out, you know?)

Short term goal: come back from Japan without having gained weight - especially because I am getting a huge tattoo on my ribs that I will want to show people in November (and it would be nice to look fit and healthy when I pull my shirt up!).

So, the day didn't start off so well. But will end well if I have anything to say about it!

Have a good day, friends. Namaste <3


  1. Koda was a very bad puppy! We've been getting some iffy weather downstate too . Ick.

  2. You're going to Japan!?! When? That's amazing! :)