Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Activity all day

So barring physical disabilities or other such maladies, there's not a ton of excuses for not fitting activity into your day in some way, shape or form!

For example, I had jury duty downtown this morning (where I am sitting as I type waiting for it to begin!) about 3 miles away from home. They have parking next door for 7 dollars or I could take the bus for about a dollar. But the fit person (and the cheap person!) inside me made me ride my bike :)

That was after I gave the dog his morning walk- the blood is moving, my muscles feel loosened, and my brain feels good! I really, really am not the type of person to set aside gym time (too much bother getting ready, getting there, doing it, cleaning up, getting home, blah). I am rather the type of person who will choose  any opportunity to be active within my daily life- with the dog, taking stairs instead of elevators, choosing to bike to work or errands, walking to a friends house for dinner. Better for the environment (no gas wasted!) and better for my body.

It's a big change from years ago. I drove everywhere, sat whenever I could, played fetch with the dog instead of walking him, etc.

I never could maintain a lower weight till I made this a part of life and not something to do on the side. Walking isn't something I have to "fit in" or make sure I get enough steps. I use these legs all day, often as I can. It's my body and I'm going to use it while I have it!!!

Back down to 121.4 after a day of clean eating. Wow, junk food makes me bloat fast! 

Hoping to be right at 120 on Sunday for my tattoo session. That means no drinking on Halloween, oh well :) I can still have a fun evening with friends!

Ok, off to jury duty (it's grand jury so I'm glad I don't have to decide anyone's final fate.. Big pressure there..)

Namaste, friends!!


  1. Love this. It's all about getting active. I'm trying to make that my normal as well. I should really start taking the stairs...

  2. good luck with jury duty! My hubby just got notice he has to go 12/17, and it's not a call-in duty. I told him well even if he gets selected, he'll still get the holiday(s) off. :)

  3. I just had to fill out the jury selection form. I went 6 years ago...good luck!