Monday, October 7, 2013

Hitting goal before Japan

Weigh in today: 120.2

I hadn't told you I had made another goal, and that was to be back at 119 by the time I left for Japan (this coming Friday). It wasn't a hard goal, but 119 is the low end of my weight range and a little more difficult to achieve - it requires more effort and planning on my part.

I want to be at the low end of my range so I can feel rockstar going on vacation and, the better I feel about myself? Well, the better I treat myself. It's weird - it is easier to have healthy behaviors when I am already healthy! (I guess that's not weird, but I wish it wasn't so true, haha).

But if I am feeling strong, healthy and trim, I know I will be more moderate in Japan than if I felt like "why bother, it's too hard!"

I came home the same weight on my last big two week trip to British Columbia, I also didn't gain weight on my wedding weekend - I am sure I can come back from Japan around 119-121! There is a couple days of hiking and one day with a bike ride in the vacation, and the rest of the days include lots of walking! My ideal situation :)

So, yeah, Japan! There will OBVIOUSLY be radio silence from me starting Friday, since I am not risking any crazy charges on my phone from using it in Asia.

I'm really lucky that I have a roommate right now, we waived his rent for the month and he is watching our dog, cat and house for us while we are gone. Relieves a lot of anxiety about worrying about the pets and the house.

We will be flying into Tokyo, staying for a couple days, heading up to Nagano, then Matsumoto, then Takayama, then Kurashiki then Kyoto. Highlights are the Zenkoji temple, watching snow monkeys bathe in hot springs and going to the town where women still practice traditional geisha arts!

I also intend to eat completely traditional food (no stopping at an Americanized fast food place in Tokyo for me!).. definitely not paleo but Japanese people are so trim and small, I have hopes that if I eat like them, perhaps I will not come back ten pounds heavier, haha :)

So this week will be full of nerves while I wait to go!

Namaste, friends <3


  1. Have a blast and just enjoy yourself. :)

  2. Hi,
    You'll have an amazing time in Japan. I went to Tokyo and Kyoto last November and it was fabulous. Definitely go to Musashi Sushi (440 Ebisucho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto). Compared to some of the places, the sushi is quite cheap (~190 Yen) and they do the most amazing duck sushi. Most of the small stores (7Eeleven, Family Choice and SunKus), have a good range of sushi too, and I tried to eat paleoish by buying the cured sausage they have in those wee shops. The only Americanised place I notice there was a lot of were Starbucks.
    Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!


  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog today! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Japan; we had Japanese exchange students live with us when I was in high school and Japan holds a sweet place in my heart because of them.

    P.S. Your dog is so handsome!