Thursday, December 6, 2012

I don't know how to post...

Without being a downer.


I am a dark, gloomy, sad cloud. Not really good for ANYONE to see/read.

Trying to do the right things still: see friends, sleep enough, eat right. Pleasure is hard to find, though.

I deleted three posts I tried to write: they were SO dark and without much hope.

I do have hope though, else I wouldn't be going through these motions. I'm attempting to do things like I would if I felt fine.

TRYING to keep the eating under control. Weight is slowly creeping up because I'm going consistently over calories every day. Yesterday was my first day in two weeks of eating a normal amount of food.

Going to try and make today the second day.


  1. As Tiffany says, hang in there. Life will get brighter, honest - you just have to get through these dark days first, but they won't last forever. Zen hugs from the UK, Deniz.

  2. There's that saying "fake it til you make it". Cheesy? Yes. But true also.

  3. Just keep posting. Your readers understand you as best we can...sometimes life is just a big ol' bitch and we gotta fight through it. You are fighting. No shame in that game. Just write on, friend.

  4. I agree with Jenn, keep writing Jeanette! You're good at it and it seems to be a good outlet for you. Even if you're deleting the darker posts, you're expressing your feelings. Whether we here in the blogosphere see those posts or not, your feelings were released. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, whatever they may be.

    I'm in the same boat as you, struggling not to eat my feelings and it's tough. After work in the evenings, when I seem to be the most grief-filled, I've just started doing 30 mins of yoga followed by some painting or drawing to soothe both body and mind.

    Take care and sending a hug your way...

  5. Keep on writing, keep on keeping on. Everything you're feeling is normal - you have been through a traumatic, deep loss. You're a fighter, a tough chick, and yes, you can do this.