Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fancy dinner, curtains, recovery

Had a really nice weekend that involved a ton of downtime and recovery.

We had a date night with some of our best friends at a French restaurant called La Serre. I had a six ounce filet mignon with mushroom gravy and green beans. I had wine but no dessert! It was nice to be a normal adult eating a fine meal with good conversation.

We got new curtains up in our bedroom, taking down the old dusty, discolored ones. It is amazing what changing your environment can do for your mental health!

Coming soon: ripping down wallpaper and repainting the entire downstairs. I really need this house to look totally different so I can stop being soooo reminded of my past here.

I need newness, freshness.

I need to establish a new life, one that centers around mental and physical health... it is hard to do that in a house that reminds me of my dad's sickness.

So, I am still tired, still dreading the next three weeks of work, but I know I will make it through.


  1. Ooh I was just thinking about how much I wanted a home makeover, too! I unfortunately do not want to foot the bill for me home makeover. I'm making my own new curtains and taking the makeover in very slow baby steps. I will get there though!

  2. A fresh look in the house will certainly help and also make it feel more like your own. :)