Monday, December 3, 2012

And the roller coaster turns to the sky..

Yes. Very up and down. As I said in comments of an earlier post, the ups and downs are killing me.

Trying to be grateful there are any ups at all!

I took my stable, contented life for granted. Got to work pretty hard for the same joys right now!

Well... Pretty happy this evening, even if I am without Chris. And that's because I got that Black Milk dress in the mail I told you about last week or so...

It looks amazing!!! And it's a small! And the proof is in the pudding that I am taking care of my body and eating right (how come I don't usually feel this good about my body and it takes a sexy dress to make me see it???).

Going to keep doing what I'm doing and trying even though it is so hard...

I am honest about my struggles in the hopes that someone else who is struggling finds some connection/strength/hope from my story... To know that even though life feels like its beating you down, it is still SO worth it to try.


  1. Hawt! Look at that tiny waist!

  2. Holy Hot Mama!!! You look amazing!

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