Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ending sleep deprivation/Fig Newtons

I am aware... too painfully aware!... that lack of sleep is contributing to my up and down moods. I know I cannot always control what happens TO me, but I do have control over my reactions. When I am low on sleep, I tend to react poorly... there is more crying, more panicking, etc.

Tonight, I am going to sleep at 9:30.... in about fifteen minutes. Don't have to wake up till 6:45. I haven't gotten more than 5.5 hours of sleep straight in a long time. That's not good for my noggin. I really thrive on 8 hours of sleep (but 7 will suffice for a long time).

So, catching up and hoping that helps.

Feeling tired leads to overeating. I have definitely overeaten in the past couple of days. Due to the sleep thing, and also the boredom cause (I have a 3.5 hour round trip commute when I work in the field.... it gets monotonous!).

Going to nip this behavior in the bud, right quick!

Also, per the fig newtons: my dad had a box of the cookies in the house. Somehow, they never got donated with the other crap food we got rid of. They sat forgotten for two months. But I found them this week. And have eaten 6 of them..... I have to get them OUT of the house before that number exponentially increases.

I really never, never, never keep junk food in the house. It is a stupid temptation. Too easy to cheat on myself.

If I am hungry, I have no option but to bake a sweet potato, saute up some brussels sprouts or drink some almond milk. Nothing damaging.

Having only healthy options in the house also means that I eat when I am HUNGRY, not when I am bored/tired/sad. Bored/tired/sad eating makes me crave carbs, junk and sugar.... not veggies and lean protein. So if there is no junk in the house.... it is easier not to eat poorly even when my mood is low.

Alright, signing off and hoping for a good night of sleep.



  1. I can relate with the sleep and affecting choices. Way to go finding solutions and recognizing and changing behaviors.

  2. I've been struggling with the same kind of sleep patterns and mood swings as yourself for the past few weeks. I'm glad you are honestly posting about your feelings and struggles. It's a relief to know I'm not the only one having a tough time with a lot of the same issues. Hope you get a peaceful night's sleep.

  3. I am also on my way to bed. I haven't slept through the night since my son was born. He's 5 now. Take care of yourself and give your body what it needs. Rest and good food:)

  4. Same here with junk food. Never have it in my house. If it's not available, then I can't get eat it & make stupid food choices.