Monday, August 27, 2012


So I am in a bit of a non-paleo eating tailspin.

Four days in a row, each a little worse than the last.

Today: 3 M&M cookies. Yikes.

I am stressed about this wedding, have already had a bit of family drama (which I hate and it makes me want to hide). I thought I was immune from wedding planning stress/drama.... but I'm not :(

So I am making this accountability post before I go grocery shopping for the week.

Got to keep in check, nip this in the bud before I end up somewhere I will regret.


  1. Sending "stay strong" vibes your way. One decision, one meal at a time. :)

  2. Yeah! Good for you for getting the breaks on pronto! What are the other ways you can face the stress?. Cause the wedding stress will come and go. You can make it through without trigger food.

  3. Accountability is ALWAYS key. Recognize why you're turning to food, and put the kibosh on it. Chin up!