Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slight improvement

I put the kibosh on some of the intense tailspin behaviors I was exhibiting. But things aren't perfect (because I'm not perfect!).

Traveling another week this week, with Chris though, so that's good :)

The hotel has a great breakfast that we get comped (it's usually 9 dollars) and we get real, fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables, and meats. So I am definitely eating a totally paleo breakfast.

Lunch is easy, we buy groceries from the store ahead of time and eat paleo and healthy.

Dinner... >.< We went to Indian buffet last night (augh!). I ate a piece of naan. And definitely some cream sauces. And a doughball dessert.

My scale isn't here. I'll find out the damage I've done on the weekend. Thank God for the three day weekend, I want those three days to reboot, reset, and be completely paleo, no temptations!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are struggling. Hope you have a peaceful three day weekend where you can reboot.

  2. It's so tough to get back on track, isn't it? Hopefully 3 days at home will get you back in the swing of things. :)