Monday, August 20, 2012


Here is a picture of me in Garibaldi Provincial Park, showing off the muscles :D

Chris and I by one of the awesome mountain ranges just south of Lilooet... my butt is pretty intense in this picture, whoa!

Chilling out on our balcony overlooking Vancouver (amazing views all day and night!)

And finally, me with a whiskey jack bird in my hand... super awesome!!

Traveling again this week, once again without Chris. AUGH. Drove my own car, though, and I am going to go home on Wednesday. I haven't had any time at home in over a month and my life is exploding all over my house. And I am leaving again RIGHT AWAY once I get home on Friday to go down to the city and then up to the Adirondacks on Saturday (freaking out).

I really, really need a weekend at home. Or a week at home. I want to stop traveling just for a moment, both work and fun, haha. I miss my animals most of all. I also miss taking care of business at home, simple stuff like laundry and bills. I want it to be simple for a little while and not constantly planning, planning, planning in advance.

I used my per diem today to buy lunch and dinner for the week, so I don't have to spend any of it later in the week. Breakfasts are free in the hotel (I eat hard boiled eggs and fruit). Staying as paleo as I can this week since I feel a little tiny bit bad about the amount of alcohol I consumed over the weekend.

I won't let a busy, crazy life derail me! Back on track hardcore this week :D

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  1. You guys look so happy! And the scenery looks gorgeous. :-)