Friday, August 24, 2012

Guilty of State Fair Indulgence

This post will have graphic confessions of food indulgences, so be warned if that triggers you to want to eat!

I went to the state fair in Syracuse last night. Firstly, I had a fantastic time! I went with four of my co-workers (two of whom are good friends outside of work). We rode some rides, walked through all the animal barns, people watched, and of course -- ate some fried food.

One of my co-workers is an EATER. A serious, unhealthy eater. He had a "meat sundae" and a bacon wrapped hot dog in a doughnut bun. Among other things. Crazy!!

Now for my confessions:

I ate two fried oreos, a bite of fried twinkie, sweet potato fries, an ounce of fudge and a wine slushie.


They were all purposeful indulgences, though. I did that. I ate vegetable soup before we left for the fair, I wasn't HUNGRY when I ate those things. I just wanted them. (I was a little hungry when I ate the fries, which is why I ate them even though they weren't very good!).

I waited all week to go to the fair. Was good all week because I wanted to eat some fried treats. Now that I have, hmmm... I don't regret it, but I realize it wasn't the best decision to make for myself.

But here I am, at a healthy weight, at the lowest weight I've ever been at, and I am testing the waters to see where that balance is for me.

What is too much?

I'll learn by trial and error.

But I won't ever get back to the bad place I was in before, that's a promise!

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