Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eating in my hotel room alone..

All my co-workers are going out to Indian buffet tonight. So delicious. Such a mine-field of disaster possibilities. Pakora. Naan. Tikka masala. Creamy sauces. Rice pudding. 

So I declined to go.

I am eating a salad and the least additive-filled microwavable soup I could find. I also bought a dark chocolate bar so I can have a little treat tonight.

It's not easy. It doesn't always feel good to do the right thing. I am a tad lonely, dinner would have been some nice socialization time, but I know I make bad decisions at the Indian buffet (I tried it with the co-workers just before I left for vacation).

But I am doing it willingly. It will pay off. It IS paying off. I don't hate my body. That's so incredibly important to me after hating my body for most of my life.

I am also doing some hotel room exercises, like seeing how long I can hold my plank and then trying to beat that time (inspired by Kelly!).

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am driving myself home after work (a bit of a long drive) and I get to see Chris, eat dinner with him, get my life back together, etc. I need that time soooo much. Then I have to drive back out to the site on Thursday morning by 8:30 AM (because that's the time the people who stay in the hotel get there, oy.) But all that driving and early morning time will be worth it. I need a hug from my guy :)


  1. Aaaawww...I'm proud of you for knowing your limits. I hope you get a big ol' bear hug from him...you deserve it.

  2. Thanks Jeanette! Holding those planks are so hard for me, but just need to keep pushing our bodies, right? :-)